Psychics Message Board > Cat died and want to know if he is ok in spirit.
Cat died and want to know if he is ok in spirit.

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Jul 18, 2009
5:52 AM
I might sound silly but, I found this precious bundle of joy in a shelter that I used to volunteer for. He and his brother jumped out at me and my husband. We could not take one and leave the other. They both fit in the my hands when they were little. But the one cat formed a stronger bond with me than with my husband. Now, it seems to me that this cat chose me for a reason. He seemed to have a human soul. We had our own language, I knew his mood and he knew mine. I would come home and he would wrap his paws and arms around my neck and nuzzle his nose on the crook of my neck. He was the most cuddly cat I ever have known besides a cat I once had when I was younger. He lived to be about seven years old and died from cancer.The way I left him though bothers me. I was late for work and had to leave him to die by himself by uthanasia. But the bond that he and I had was so strong that I can't stop thinking of him to this day. He died August 8, 2008. There are no words to describe my loss. Or the way he had to die. I want to know if he is happy and is ok. And maybe just maybe he will come back to me in another form. I love him still and worry about him all the time. If anyone can put my worry to rest and tell me if he is ok. I know this sounds crazy but Please help.
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Jul 16, 2010
2:48 AM
I still think of him often and it has been 2 years now since his passing. Is there any person out there that can help me?
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Jul 19, 2010
3:10 PM
Hi Sensativesoul,

my name is Ute, I am from Germany. I have been sensitive for animals since I can remember.

The first feeling I had while reading your story was that he is really fine. You need not worry about him. He begs you to pay more attention to yourself and your health. Try to keep yourself in good health, for too many worries can break down energy.
So nothing bad, nothing to worry about too much, but please (and he is very insisting on it) pay much more attention to your own health! He says you will understand what he is pointing at.
Sensitivesoul, I have the feeling that some more information could be added and helpful for you. But this here might not be the platform for it, because it is too private.
We could exchange email addresses over Bonnie or you could search for an animal communicator or psychic medium around your home.
As far as I know there are really good ones in the USA.
He showed up in white fur with brown/caramel colors. And I saw a black cat. If he is not that color (first one) , see - it could be a cat who was some time around you or is still with you. Sometimes they show us surroundings or other beings from their eyes.
And I did not go into detail very deeply.
This was the message - I feel was most important for him to bring across to you.
There is another one.
"Go ahead, you need to follow your (own) way/heart. I am fine here and well."

I hope I could help you.

All the best

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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

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