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Email to Wes Penre

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Jan 10, 2011
1:56 AM
Hi everyone,

referring to Irina´s post of the link to Wes Penre´s site in the "Shocking new account of MJ's last days" thread I felt like writing an email to Wes Penre after I had read the first page of it.
And I felt like posting it on the board as well.
It is of two parts as I once more forwarded my email to him with some additional words.

Here it is:

Dear Mr. Penre,

I would like to add some words. I think it is implied in my email below but I want to mention that explicitly.
Michael used symbolism and patterns for good to wake up people and show what is going on right around them.
Here they are concerning his messages in his songs heard forward as well as backward (from an email from to a friend):

"And the backward messages in his songs are mostly like "I need help" , "I can´t do it alone". He mentions dark forces but always with the intention to get rid of them needing help and support.
I listened to some of them, they are not always easy to understand but you feel hardly any difference of the forward and backward heard texts.
And I did not always agree with the messages heard by those who posted these backward messages."

What is interesting Mr. Penre is that Michael´s music is very similar played forward AS WELL AS backward.
Perhaps you could mention this on your site.
He did not love to be there but to give joy and love to the people reminding them how important Love is in this world - and of what we are witnesses each day more and more.

Thank you again for reading my email.

Ute Wilhelm

Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail:

Von: Ute Wilhelm
Datum: 9. Januar 2011 19:22:05 MEZ
An: wespenre2012@gmail.com
Betreff: Michael jackson

Dear Mr. Penre,

I want to introduce myself first.
My name is Ute Wilhelm, I am from Germany.
A friend sent me this link to your site: http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/index2.htm .

I agree with what you say about who is behind the entertainment industry (I have not yet read everything). I myself know people who also refused to being professional artists for this reason.
And they told me how close entertainment - and porn industry are.

In one point I disagree. I´ll explain to you. I know that Michael Jackson was a high - graded freemason and illuminati.
After his murder I was surprised about my reaction - I had not been a fan and be sure it had nothing to do with the hype then as I do not go with such events.
So I wanted to know who this man really was and where his heart was, not the celebrity, not the icon.
I knew him from TV and had found that he was somehow special but did not closely follow his career and life.
When the allegations came up I had never believed that and wondered why they did that to him.
To be short - I was led to all this stuff that you explain on your site and NOW I understand why all this happened.
I have started to delve into his use of symbolism and his work and this taught me to read and hear even more between the lines and to look even more behind the veils.
We are surrounded by symbolism and it is used more and more everywhere, especially on TV - also children´s channels which is very disgusting though I learn a lot and see where the stand is and what they intend next, re how their agenda is thought to be further unfold and put into action.
But utmost disgusting is the confusion and manipulation mostly by repeating subliminal messages in Music and on TV and that they want to catch the children. They are coming out more and more themselves.
Not by chance did Michael want to protect the children.
To come back to Michael Jackson.
I found a totally different man than the MSM had wanted to make us believe he is. And I saw the entanglements he was pulled in already as a child.
I saw that he had wanted to break free but not really succeeded. He was totally aware of what might happen to him (and sadly in the end did) starting to speak out against them..
I saw and see and know a lot now and also how cruel and coldly blooded this "circle" is. Still so many lies around him they hold up only to have the cash, blood cash.
To be short again I saw his good heart and Michael as well as all other artists was forced to use their symbolism in his work but he also used it differently as a counterpart to the illuminati to forewarn us, to awake us and point out to what is going on around us, that they want to enslave us etc. .
I saw his message: Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity!
So I decided to vindicate him publicly and give lectures to set the record straight. And I also want that what happened to him and so many others before, that THIS WILL STOP!!
I.E. To support artists to break free from this evil without being killed by giving this information which is also yours - into the public.
Michael had also been very concerned about his colleagues .
Michael had tried to tell us where he was in and how endangered he was to be killed. Sadly we understood too late. But there are still so many out there.
Those I hope to be able to help a bit by giving this information to the public.
And his message I will also keep alive!
Therefore I disagree that he is named with those who probably enjoy being there, Michael did not really do it as soon as he noticed what was really going on.
But he needed to stay in public as he had his message. Had tried to do the best of it.
Therefore please do not name him with those ones.
He deserves to have his name cleared and have his justice done with all the others to follow. And he deserves that those will be exposed who are really the suspects and wire-pullers, the conspirators..

Thank you for taking the time and reading my email.
Please excuse possible misprints or bad English.

Ute Wilhelm

I intend to write an email to Will.i.am as well (like you did it Mar) to give a sign to the artists that they are not alone and that a lot of people are aware now of what is going on in the entertainment industry - and not only there - and that they will hopefully feel some support mentally as long as they are entangled with those vampires and in the case should they want to cut off the ties.

With Love

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Jan 10, 2011
11:14 AM
This is great Ute!
Wonderful of you to do this on behalf of Michael and other artists. Do keep us posted if he does answer you.

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Mar 06, 2019
2:52 AM
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