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i see lights from the corner of my eyes

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Mar 29, 2005
4:24 PM
this has been happening to me since i've been married to my husband five years ago. sometimes when i'm watchimg tv, from the corner of my eye on the wall i see orange and blue lights dancing. when i look they're gone. i thought something was wrong with me so i went to see a doctor and he checked my eyes and did a thorough physical exam and found nothing wrong with me.

last year after seeing the doctor i started school. i had this instructor there that i felt a connection with. her energy was amazingly overwelming. at first it was scary and i had no idea what was going on. after a few days of school she came up to me and asked me if i were into panormal/afterlife stuff. i told her no and she smiled and walked away. i was curious why she asked so the next day i asked her why she asked me that. she said she felt an energy from me that geared her towards me. she said she never felt anything like that before. we got to talking and i would stay after school to talk to her about things that i couldn't pin point to were to start and end about things that were happening to me that my husband and i weren't able to figure out. she said that God gives everyone a veil and most of the time most people they keep their veils down simply because they don't know how to open it or wants to keep it down. her's is open all the way like a brides after taking their vows and mine is open half way. she can communicate with the dead by writing and she can see and smell things that are not even there. now my veil is open all the way and i can see, smell, communicate with the spirits of past presnt and future. the lights that i was experiencing are my good spirits that are watching over me. i have 5 that are protecting me from the evil spirits etc... most people have only 2-3 spirits watching/protecting them.
the energy that my instructor felt from me was the protectors of me trying to communicate but couldn't because they were afraid that i'll freak out or something so they sent an energy that will triger her to come talk to me and vice versa. well it worked. haha anyhow, my protectors wanted me to know that there was something wrong with me and needed to speake to me and me speake to them. so my instructer taught me how to write and so now i can speake to them when ever i want to anyhow back to the subject, they told me that there was something wrong with me internally and wanted me to get a check up with my doctor and so i did. turns out that i have adnormcells in my uteris that can turn into cancer if not treated right away.....and possibly no children in the future if i waited too long to get takin' care of. but all that has been takin' cared of and i no longer have that problem.
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Jan 05, 2007
12:41 PM
That is totally awesome! I already believe all the things you spoke of. What is happening now? I had a message while sleeping that told me to get a gyn check up.
I often get messages while sleeping. One was of "nettle" which is a herb. I had never heard of it but the word was repeated over & over to me. At the time I was breast feeding but now making enough milk. I looked up nettle online & it is used to increase breast milk!
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Jan 22, 2007
10:50 AM
Only one in my life have I experienced the strange phenomena of lights in the corner of my eye. It was the day after the huge tsunami that hit Indonesia in December of 2005, and ever since I always wondered if it was residual magnetic or gravitational energies that were released from the earthquake that caused the disaster or if it was the spirits of some or all of the casualties that resulted from it. I live in New England, far from where the disaster hit, so I know it sounds far fetched, but I can't find any other explanation. Even under the weirdest circumstances and physical/mental exhaustion my senses have never deceived me and I kept moving my eyes around, searching the night sky for a rational explanation, but all I could objectively verify was that lights were flickering in the corner of my right eye. Never before and never since has this happened. My guess id that the air was so full of releases energies from the hundreds of thousands of deaths that even someone as spiritually obtuse and out-of-tune as myself was also able to perceive something.
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Mar 28, 2007
6:54 PM
Folks, don't automatically link everything you see to some paranormal, electromagnetic flux, or spirit activity.
You may have experienced this same sensation if you have ever been hit in the eye and seen "stars", or after sneezing or coughing heavily. When the eye vitreous shrinks, it tugs on the retina, creating a sensation of flashing lights.The flashes of light can appear off and on for several weeks or months. As we grow older, it is more common to experience flashes. If you notice the sudden appearance of light flashes, you should visit your eye care professional immediately to see if the retina has been torn.

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Mar 29, 2007
9:02 AM
Hi Metalschemist,

Welcome to the board.

I have to agree with you. You should always look for a logical explanation first. Thanks for providing this valuable information.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
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Apr 30, 2007
10:35 AM
yep I've been seeing them alot at work..but then again didnt tell you that my work is haunted,yes it is,an older man,but always little twinkles..at first I seen shadows and now the twinkles...and its not the retna iether..so what are they???please if you know explain please?
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Jun 05, 2007
4:55 PM
Thanks Bonnie,
I have seen evidence in my life that paranormal activity is real. Just don't think people should attribute everything they can't immediately explain to that phenomenon.
Great website.

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Jun 15, 2007
10:03 AM
Seeing things or flashes in the corner of your eyes can be symptoms of everything from hypertension to diabetes. I can assure you that it is not caused by any kind of paranormal activity spirits, Angels, Ouija boards.

It can be something serious, to consider that as anything else other than physiological is simply caveman thinking. Be sure to be checked out by a medical professional. No witch doctors!!

Your pal, BatBoy

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Jun 18, 2007
7:09 PM
Hey BatBoy,
I agree with you. I only mentioned the ouija thing to see if I could extract a little more information from Nikki.
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Jun 20, 2007
11:33 PM
If that is the case then you are no longer a caveman. Congratulations.

Your pal (and I mean that) BatBoy
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Jan 04, 2008
2:12 AM
i saw blue lights out of the corner of my eyes at one time in my life, and i've never seen them again. a psychic told me micheal was my gaurdian angel. i picked up a book about him, and it said the color thought to be connected with him is blue. so, skeptics, i'm interested in how you would explain the certain colors that we see, and why always the same one, and why only at specific times in our lives and never again? not being rude. i really do want to hear what you guys have to say about it? :)
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Jul 22, 2008
2:18 PM

I have had my eyes checked, but for some reason my family doctor refuses to grant me an MRI.

Since my son was about two I have seen lights and colors. I would have dismissed it altogether, if I hadn't seen them at least with my son.

The lights are now often accompanied by sound. Sometimes they seem to be emitting from various people. I will give a passing thought to some friend and see a black spot. I will inquire as to my friend's well being and they will be having a bad time, depressed or down with a cold. Once I thought of my mom, and I saw a black smudge and heard a click from somewhere in my house. I called and she was heading off to the docture to repaire a suture she had had during surgery. I see the lights coming out of people. I have seen a silver light appear out of someone's chin, a black light out of someone's leg etc. I see blue light around people who are feeling something positive. I know this could be a neurological issue, and I want to find out more, but my gut tells me that these lights are not a random or self generated event.

I saw the lights with my son for the first time. I came into his room and he said, "Mommy, there's a red light in my eye" just as I saw what seemed to be a red laster light in his eye. I took him to the doctor, (one of his eyes seemed a darker color than the other) Also, at another point in time, I had a candle of Jesus, which I had gotten for kitschy purposes. Well, the candle blew up by itself one day.
Another time I looked up while talking to my son and saw a red mist. I told my son to think of angels and God, and he was in that stubborn toddler phase and he said, "I don't want to think of God." The red light seemed to descend upon him and he said, "Mommy, there is red light all over me." He began to scratch. We pray together every night now, and I plan on taking him back to Church.

I also see blue and white lights. I connect the blue and whtie lights with positive vibrations, moods, feelings beings. I was worried about my son and went with him to the Catholic Church (I grew up Catholic) They told me to get my eyes checked out, but it took me a while to do it. I moved and had to get health care, etc.

I have a lot more to say and a lot more going on. I would appreciate hearing from some good, positive person who has more "sight" than I, and can help me grow clearer in my interpretation, or who can help me interpret, period. I have a sense I am being told to meditate every day, do yoga. (The first time I did yoga, I closed my eyes and saw an Egyptian eye.) However, I have been reluctant to meditate and work at this. It scares me, as much as I am not accustomed to seeing lights, hearing sounds, etc.
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Sep 04, 2008
12:25 AM
a spiritual veil huh? haha well i dont know about all that but coming from a "skeptic" that sounds pretty retarded, its a form of anxiety or stress. people desperately want to believe things so bad that they'll allow anyone to convince them its true. its amazing how adults can be so ignorant. go see a doctor
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Oct 25, 2008
3:04 AM
It has been a long time since I posted. As I was reading my post, it sounded as odd and marginalized, semi-educated freaky as all of the other stuff I have read posted about things like this. However, I am educated enough to know that the accumulation of human knowledge continues to this day, not all phenomenon in the natural world has been thoroughly understood or categorized by Western science. Or Eastern for that matter.

As for a spiritual veil being retarded, I would like to say thank God for those of you who have explored every unknown aspect of the universe, who have analyzed, tested and contributed your vast insight to every phenomenon on the planet. If it weren't for people like you, some wingnut would have concluded that the world is round and that the sun does not revolve around the earth...

First of all, my vision was thorougly tested. I have had physicals througout the past year. I do not have hypertentions, diabetes or migraines. And, as I posted earlier, I would have gladly dismissed this experience as stress if it were not for the fact that I experienced the lights and colors with my child. He mentioned the colors and lights to me without any promppting on my part.

I am uncomfortable with this phenomenon for various reasons. But there does seem to be a correlation between the ligts, colors and sounds and other people's experiences.

I do believe that LSD might have been triggered in my brain by the overuse of a natural over the counter sleep aid called melatonin. I have read that higher doses of melatonin can cause certain amounts of LSD to be produced in the brain. However, my question is, what is the correlation between so called paranormal phenomenon and science. Phsysicists now theorize that multiple universes are a possibility. Might there not be some area of the brain, if activated, that can perceive this multi verse? The electro magnetic field? Look- people thought the world was flat. We thought the sun circled the earth. We did not know of the existence of black holes. Who is to say that the mind has been thoroughly understood (especially by people who post here!)

Today I was assisting in an educational evaluation program. I saw white and blue lights until I said something I believed was an appropriate aspect of the evaluation. I saw a jagged red light. Later, i was given feed back that, at that exact moment, the assessor, contrary to my assumption, was not pleased with what I said. I perceive the lights and colors, a pattern "blue and white lights, then a red light" But they have a pattern and logic in light of later feedback. Blue and white is positive, red is negative, black- etc.

As time has passed, whether in moments of personal stress or moments of relaxation, the lights and colors I see have a logic and reason. That is to say, I have begunto be able to interpret the lights and colors. I am saying that, just as there are many species that have not been catalogued by science, planets and galazies not yet visited there are aspects of existence that science has yet to explore.

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Oct 29, 2008
10:08 AM
i have experienced something similar. i've seen lights 2 or 3 times with my eyes closed. I will be posting something els about my haunting.
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Dec 17, 2008
10:01 PM
Hi All, This is my first post on the board...Before I begin, I will mention that I am a senior citizen and I have had many "paranormal" experiences in my life.

I know that many people see colors around people and objects (auras etc.) and while I don't generally see lights out of the corner of my eyes, I have had a few experiences in my life where I have seen colors...My youngest daughter (who was quite psychic as a child) use to see colors and have visions all the time.

I have had many (what I call) psychic dreams and visions during my twilight sleep. I also hear words while I am in a twilight state of sleep (sometimes phrases or sentences) and I can sometimes feel emotion connected to the words. Occasionally I "bring back" scenes(quick flashes)as well as words.

Recently, duing the past several months or so, I have noticed that when I am in a relaxed state (before a drift off to sleep) and I hear a sudden noise, or my dog jumps on or off the bed etc., that I will see a quick flash of black and white horizontal lines.-- This has happened to me a number of times now, and I believe these lines that I see, while fully awake (but with my eyes still closed) represent static, as I am jolted from a peaceful semi-sleep state.

I wonder if anyone else sees black and white "static" lines when they are suddenly disturbed from a very relaxed state.


1 post
Dec 31, 2008
1:35 AM
hmm, interesting to find so much doubt on a topic that to me has gone from faith to fact over the last decade. Especially since I was void of any faith.

Please hold no heavy baggage to my words and allow the possibility that all is not always as I understand, nor you.

I too see lights, maybe described as a peircing or pinprick through the vibration of the physical plane. A visual through the "backdrop", a gift, not to be taken so casually as to medical warnings. I started to see red lights when I was getting close to trouble or having troublsome thoughts. I started to see white as a guide to what creates positive outcomes and blue showed me there was support in that thought pattern, not necesarily right or wrong, just spiritual/gaurdian support for that decision making.

These words are not gospel by any fashion, however my attempt at understanding my experiences. When you see the lights take a moment to recognize the prominent thought in your mind at the exact moment of the light visuals. Once you're there truly ask yourself the root intention of that thought or the primary desired outcome of that thought. I believe these lights can be our guides, if we choose them to be. It's exciting to see others experiences similar phenomenon.

infinite student

Can anyone project a state of consioussness on to a conversation partner our share the infinite space between? make sense? I think I can, help me understand this is my childborn ability. please respond
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Mar 24, 2009
4:03 PM
Ok folks, i have a light story for you good people here.

I 1st began noticing lights around 1 year ago when I was at my ex bf's house. He claimed his house was haunted and he has many wierd stories of goings on in his house. Point being I remember the 1st time I saw a blue light, looking real as anything else, at his house. It was small, like the size of a pinprick and i thought nothing of it. it was only when they became more pronounced and frequent that I started paying more attention to them. But then for a long time I did not notice these blue lights (i may have seen them but just not noticed) And then like maybe 3-4 months ago i started noticing them again. Blue, white and red. I strongly believe blue means "good", white means "maybe" and red means "danger". Also I believe these lights are linked with one's aura. Like I talked to a psychic once when i was a kid and he told me he saw a blue aura around me. Suffice to say I was kinda interested because ever since I was a kid when I closed my eyes, even to this day this holds true, I can see like a light bluish ocean like thing that I guess is my aura. I mean seeing this blue aura thing is one of my earliest memories and I am 22 now. Newho I am conivnced these blue white red lights are not a medical problem, im not a doctor though. I do believe they are our aura or something like that guiding us, as the previous poster mentioned. SO i dont know, that is my story. So i take these lights as a guide. And the cool thing is i also tranfer the colours to the physical world. So i mean if i see blue i think it is good, or do it or posititvity you know what i mean. if i see lots of white it means neutrality. and if i see lots of red it means danger/caution. so i dunno if nebody else has ne feelings/thoughts/auras like this but this msg board is very cool. any thoughts would be most welcome.

p.s .this message board is blue.....hmmmm. totally convinced our auras guide us. And maybe we can all be God? God bless :)
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Apr 15, 2009
9:56 AM
I have been seeing lights for over 25 years. I have been to the doctor and I am in perfect health, and have been checked up numerous times. I don't even need reading glasses since my vision is still nearly 20/20. I also do not have any medical issues related to seeing lights.

The fascinating aspect is that the lights ONLY appear to me when I am at home; whatever home I happen to live in.

The lights NEVER appear to me when I am at work, at a resturant, flying in an airplane, or driving a car. Even in a hotel room they will appear to me, but not in my office at work - not even once in 25 years.

I do believe that it may be something "paranormal" although I cannot tell you what or for what reason why.

I'd love to find out the answer to this. . . .
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Jul 10, 2009
11:57 PM
This is fascinating. I have been studying sights, sounds, smells for about six years now. I get visits from dead relatives and it will produce a smell that I associate with them. I have seen my dead father in various ways. The first time was about 38 hours after he passed. He looked as he had before he became sick and was wearing his favorite sweatsuit. He walked past my friend and I, like he had just checked the front door and was going up to bed. He did not look at us. I almost fainted and would not be writing this today unless my friend had witnessed it also. Approximately 5 weeks later, he walked toward me in a restaurant and was transparent. I could see he had on grey dress slacks and a white dress shirt, but I could see through him. (The first time I saw him he was solid.) He walked behind me. Then my fork flipped out of my salad. My mom said, "your dad did that". She did not see him or know he was there. I asked her why she said that and she said she did not know. Then I told her he had just walked behind my chair. One night I was grocery shopping and my plan was to get groceries and then go through the drive-thru at Taco Bell for something to eat while I was driving home. I smelled my dad's aftershave when I was getting ready to check out at the store. There was no one near me and the aftershave was on the other side of the store. I had a sense that I was not supposed to stop at Taco Bell. I was very alert on my way home because I felt as though something was going to happen. Sure enough as I was driving I saw a deer run across the road to the left. I watched it jump over a fence, looked back toward the road and there was another deer standing in my lane of the highway. I swerved hard, missed it, and fishtailed a few times before regaining control of my vehicle. Had I been eating a taco, I am certain I would have hit the deer. I could go on and on about seeing dead people and sensing dead people. They are usually just dropping by for a visit. Sometimes however, they are stuck in between heaven and earth and need to be helped over. If you see one, just tell them to go to the light. or I release you to the light, go in peace. You may have to repeat. Then you will sense that they have left. As for the flashing lights in the corner of your eye.......I have only seen them about 3 times. They were white or almost mirrored. They happen extremely quickly and I was alone at home each time. I cannot figure out what they mean. The first two times I just figured they were angels showing they were with me or saying HI, because that is what I always have heard. Wednesday night I was watching the Michael Jackson specials and I saw a flash. That confused me. I do not own any of his music nor did I have much interest in him since his Rocking Robin and ABC days. I am curious as to why I saw the flash at that particular time. I was just thinking about what a bizarre life Michael had, part of it disgusts me and part of it makes me incredibly sad. Was the angel flash to inspire me to have faith? Any ideas?
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Apr 10, 2019
12:51 AM
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Apr 30, 2019
2:15 AM
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