Conversations with the Dead
The Connection

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Conversations with the Dead - The Connection

by: Bonnie Vent and John Streiff

A collection of trance channeled transcripts from medium Bonnie Vent and high level guidance known as "The Connection." This series of 7 sessions was broadcast LIVE with questions asked by researcher John Streiff and the viewers. 

Topics include:  Life After Death, Transition, What happens to us after we die, ghosts, spirits, meditation, dimensions and much more....

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Conversations with the Dead - The Connection on YouTube

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 Conversations with the Dead - The Connection 


Conversations with the Dead - The Connection

Digital Version

Conversations with the Dead -  The Connection



Conversations with the Dead - The Connection Book Cover Bonnie Vent



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About Bonnie Vent


Bonnie Vent is the owner of San Diego Paranormal Research and Genesis Creations Entertainment. She is a medium and researcher located in San Diego, CA.with 20+ years of experience as a “Spirit Advocate”. Bonnie Vent is the host of the documentary “Conversations with the Dead”. Featuring the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA, Paranormal Consultant for the nationally syndicated television show “Macabre Theatre”,International syndicator of Paranormal News. Bonnie Vent’s Book Contributions: The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, The Haunted Whaley House, Weird California, Video – San Diego City’s Most Haunted, Hillside Haunting, Conversations with the Dead - An Evening with Marilyn Monroe, numerous network affiliate news interviews and national newspapers, such as The New York Times.

About John Streiff

John Streiff has been researching various area in Parapsychology for many decades.  His research interests include  topics of Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and Psychokinesis (PK).  In that time he has studied many  exceptional and gifted individuals, including many mediums.   

"I have had the priveledge to witness and document what can only we called some remarkable phenomena and abilities in well-controlled conditions.  For me this present compilation is very exciting."

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