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Welcome to the Official Website of: Bonnie Vent - Medium, Researcher,Television Personality and Consultant!

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Bonnie Vent - The Spirit Advocate (sm) 

Being a "Spirit Advocate" I provide an active voice for spirits on the other side. Delivering these messages also includes some historical research to provide proof of the accuracy of the message as well as action items to assist the spirit in finishing their projects here with us.  Providing tangible proof of "Life After Death" and providing a bridge between their dimension and ours has become my life's work.  - Bonnie Vent



Bonnie Vent   Thomas Edison   Jesse Shepard aka Francis Grierson  Villa Montezuma  Hotel Del Coronado

Bonnie Vent has appeared on many television news programs. She has been seen on the local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and WB affiliates as well as many national radio shows and newspapers.  See media page for more information.

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