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26 Feb 2013

Grant Wilson shares reasons for investigating in the dark

Former lead investigator Grant Wilson may not be part of the “Ghost Hunters” team anymore, but he hasn’t given up paranormal investigating completely. In fact, he shared his thoughts on why paranormal investigators ghost hunt in the dark in a post on his site dated February 23.

According to Grant Wilson, one of the biggest reasons paranormal investigators choose to investigate during the nighttime hours is because that’s when most clients report experiencing paranormal activity. He also adds that when clients report paranormal activity occurring during the daylight hours, TAPS does its best to investigate the claims during the day too.

But, daytime investigations do pose a challenge to paranormal investigators. Wilson explains that most visual paranormal activity falls within two categories: entities that emit light and dark shadows or masses. By investigating at night, and using infrared or full spectrum cameras, paranormal investigators are able to capture both types of visual phenomenon on film. During daylight hours, light-emitting phenomena cannot be captured.

Other reasons include the more practical matter that many investigators work full time during the day and cannot do investigations during business hours. Because they commonly do investigations in their free time, nighttime works best. He also adds that senses seem to be heightened during the nighttime hours.

According to the Crawford County Illinois Paranormal Society, most paranormal activity occurs between the hours of 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. Although no one knows for sure why paranormal activity seems to increase during these hours, it is a common belief among paranormal investigators. Perhaps activity is more easily seen or heard at this time because the surroundings are typically quiet while the rest of the world sleeps.


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