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Aug 12, 2015
5:47 AM
I had a very strange dream on 8/11/2015
i was in a room when i hear this yelling and arguing so i followed the voices and was in a kitchen , and standing by the kitchen island was Joe Jackson and he looked intimidated by this woman who had her back to me, so i didn't see her face but the feeling i had was it was one of Michael's sisters, and this is what she said to him "at least you got something from him! I didn't get Shit outta it!" Then the dream ended.
i had to tell someone. when i woke up i was sick inside of my spirit.
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Aug 12, 2015
2:41 PM
Michael did come to me when Joe was first admitted into the hospital. He said that Joe is being given more time to reassess his life. He also played "Man in the Mirror" in my head. We now know that Joe was very close to death at the time. It seems Michael's information was very accurate. It will now be up to each family member to decide what their interaction will be with Joe and he will be invited to do the same.

Your dream has the same tone as what Michael said would be playing out in Joe's life.


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Sep 05, 2015
10:39 AM
I had horrible dreams last night around 2 am. I was yelling, my soul was screaming. I was dreaming of Michael's last day. Michael said that he had trusted his bodyguards. He had trusted them and thought they would be awake all night and not sleep for even 15 mins. Michael thought Conrad Murray was close, a confidante. But Conrad Murray was not nearby, he was supposed to be near Michael. The number 10 kept coming up, I don't know if that is a time or indicates something else. I saw night, blackness, the area on the upper floor above the door of the house. I saw Randy Phillips, Conrad Murray, Frank Dileo and Tohme Tomhe. I was so scared, I felt I was dying, choking.

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