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Leonard Rowe - Michael Jackson's Will a Fake

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Sep 24, 2010
8:36 AM
Thank You Bonnie, Carmen,

I am glad to hear they are pulling together physical evidence of this. Sounds like they are gathering ammunition. Al Sharpton is willing to come forward on the record, the hotel and air fair bills would certainly do the job.
Also the local and national news were covering this. CNN is already mentioned and there is a local FOX station interview with Rita Cosby, which is was posted here as well. The media would have all the dates and locations. I hope they can access that information in as well.
Proof of Michael being in New York on that day is everywhere.


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Sep 24, 2010
10:21 AM
Hello Bonnie and Irina, and all our other members and lurkers.

What I found interesting about this information when I came across it last night was the following:
1) Leonard Rowe is stating some key things and pieces of information publicly and LIVE, in such a way that there is no room for doubters to say, "Well, it's a written interview, and maybe he was misquoted," or, "It's coming from a tabloid site, so we really can't take this information at face value as coming from Mr. Rowe," etc. He is stating certain things as FACT and stating them LIVE on video.
2) He states that Janet and other family members are aware that something about the 2002 Will as signed and presented by John Branca does not appear to align properly with dates and times of Michael Jackson's true physical location on the day in which the Will was signed.
3) Rowe comments on the inaccuracy of the children's names on the Will. A Will is a very important document, and in the case of THE Michael Jackson, millions and millions of dollars, not to mention the care of his beloved children, would be at stake.
4) We had been commenting here, and other MJ fans and supporters have been commenting on other boards, that Al Sharpton and others could serve as eye witnesses for Michael's whereabouts that day, so why haven't they come forward? Well, now it would seem, according to Mr. Rowe, that Mr. Sharpton is willing to go on public record and perhaps go to court for Michael on this issue. My personal guess is that Mr. Sharpton and others now feel safer about coming forward and may have been provided with some personal protection so as to feel more free to speak openly and honestly.
5) I stated some time ago that I wondered about air line records, some kind of air line data base that should be accessible in such a situation, and that there should be receipts and some other forms of documentation about Michael's whereabouts on that day. It's good to know that Mr. Rowe and others are thinking in terms of receipts, hotel bills, airline tickets and costs that would have been recorded some where, etc.
6) Those witnesses who signed the Will in question should be forced to step forward and under penalty of perjury, state once and for all, for the record, where they were that day when the Will in question was signed. The attorneys present have already gone on public record, if what I read some time ago is true, that they made a mistake about the location and that they were in New York at the time. They somehow got Los Angeles mixed up with New York. What's odd is that all those present 'forgot' to 'remember' where they all were at the time.
6) I'm not even going to get into Michael's signatures and initialed segments. All Mr. Rowe and Michael's family members would need are a couple of top notch respected hand writing analysts, and any forgeries would be revealed.

That's all I wanted to say. I'm pleased and glad to know that the whole Jackson family is thinking, questioning, supporting Michael each in their own way, and fighting for the truth to come out. It's not going to come out easily or without a fight and legal costs, but little by little, as Irina said, the pieces are bubbling to the surface. One advantage to the criss crossing law suits is that we're getting more information and more facts and more truth than we had previously.


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Sep 27, 2010
10:13 PM
I just saw that you've added the interviews of Joe and Leonard Rowe and Mottola. Watched them live last year and found it all very intriguing back then too.

I happen to share your opinion. Convenient connection who won't stay fired it seems.

Sony just eased right back in there didn't they?

I as well wonder how it is that Mottola, who is officially no longer employed by Sony, swiftly appears on the scene and claims authority over Michael's music. Peculiar to say the least.

Still following the money...

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Oct 12, 2010
10:57 AM
To keep answering your question above Bonnie I have added some more to the Mottola/ Sony thread concerning this.
By all appearances the rights to Michael's recordings are still held by Epic/ Legacy under the Sony Music Entertainment umbrella.
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Mar 13, 2012
11:27 PM
Also this one should be back to our attention.
It needs to move forth!!

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Jul 18, 2012
12:09 PM
There seems to be posts missing from the beginning of this thread. Just want to point out that others have also said publicly the will is fake.

The letter put out by the family recently is part of an ongoing battle that formally started with legal action by Joe Jackson and Brian Oxman in 2009.

It is false to say the will has been upheld. Joe Jackson tried to contest the will. The judge threw it out refusing to look at any evidence, simply because Joe Jackson was not mentioned in the fake will. This is a far cry from being upheld.


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