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My life partner passed away suddenly

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Apr 11, 2009
9:35 PM
My life partner passed away suddenly on 03/02/09 at the age of 52. That morning started out like any morning in my house we had left over country ham and biscuts for breakfast it had snowed that day so cable was out so he decided to watch movies and shows from our DVR while I went into my room and decided since I was up all night unable to sleep to lay down and he was just fine happy and told me he had felt much better that day having a touch of a bug a few days before.
5pm in the evening I cannot understand why I slept that long he came in and shook me awake asked me if I were okay I replied yes I just had a migraine and thought sleeping would help it go away. He told me he wasn't feeling so well and I asked him how he was hurting he told me he thought he had gas so I asked him if his hands were numb or did he hurt under his arm and such he said no and I told him no matter were going to the emergency ward to get him checked out in the mean time he told me he told his daughter and her husband and I could hear them in the bathroom blow drying their hair they wanted to clean up first and I thought to myself do they realize he could be having a heart attack why would they even bother to bath!!! I grabbed my jeans and a shirt no socks no bra I didn't care I wanted to get him help I went into the bathroom he was standing infront of the bathroom window taking in the cool air with a wet towel running it across his forehead but he stepped out so I could put on my clothes and I was dressed in under a min. I walked out to find him in his computer chair first thing I heard was him burping then snoring as I tried to wake him he stopped breathing and died in my arms.

I must go back some to help you all understand why I must find out my questions first off his daughter is a very bad seed my partner had only taken them in for his grandson's sake but my partner was going to kick them out that day in the time I laid down and them returning home I am not aware of what went on.

After the paramedics got ken to the hospital still trying to revive him Maria was telling me I wasn't a good woman and no woman of her Dads she grabbed his cellphone his wallet and many other things from me knowing I was in shock and vulnerable at that moment. A doctor took us in a room and told us Ken had died and they were not able to bring him back no matter how hard they tried too. She showed no emotions and left I asked them if they were going to do a autopsy because he was fine that morning and in good spirits and they said they would. His daughter got word they were doing a autopsy and had it stopped saying her dad had a heart attack and being the next of kin they listened to her you see Ken and I never married but had planned to the next week and I think he told her that.

When I got home from the hospital She and her husband were going through his drawers helping themselves to anything in ken's and my room and telling me to shut up when I protested they also told me I had to move out of my room that night I refused and did not. A few days later she had a lawyer sign the estate to her and she had me kicked out with a 2 hr notice.

I want to know if his death was indeed a heart attack or did someone help his death to happen and btw she is no longer establisher of his estate his sister is because I did a background check and found out she had 6 warrants for her and they were felony's so felons cannot handle estates she now sits in jail.

I need to also know what he wants me to do she had him cremated but if she did this how do I find the proof now?

Her husband has stolen and pawned many of ken's things and is being sought out by the police and we don't know where to look for him.

I am desperate for help I have not gotten the chance to really mourn yet I am still in shock I miss my partner he was my soulmate in many ways Please can someone help me. Sorry about the lack of commas and punctuation marks I just wanted to get my story out fast were running out of time there is a baby involved that may need our help so Please someone help me.

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Jun 18, 2010
11:04 PM
Hi, Dreams4you,
my name is Ute, I am from Germany.
Have you already got some help in the meanwhile?
You could do a reading with a psychic medium (I hope, it`s the right term, because in German there are not so many different terms for this work as in English). There you could probably find out important things.
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Oct 03, 2018
5:28 AM
Why not, the languages are treated as live things as they grow and they die too. The review which allows to bring the changes are alive and passes through the process of the changes.

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