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Conversations with the Dead (sm)

An Evening with Marilyn Monroe at the Haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Trance channeled by internationally known medium Bonnie Vent

On a recent trip to the Haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  We had an intense and sometimes funny conversation with a woman who claimed that we would all know who she was.  She never did identify herself, but her knowledge and advice to others about the entertainment industry and her deep affection for Joe DiMaggio lead us to believe this just might be Marilyn Monroe.  We leave it up to you to decided.  In her words "It is compelling."

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Marilyn Monroe Trailer

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Conversations with the Dead An Evening with Marilyn Monroe with internationally known medium Bonnie Vent


LIVE trance channeling event at the Hotel Del Coronado with Bonnie Vent and John Streiff on September 7th, 2008 video archives.  

Full version with Higher Level Guidance providing information about the death process as well as spirit communication with the REAL Beautiful Stranger Lottie Bernard. 





  San Diego Paranormal Research Project has several DVD projects in the works with Avalon Multimedia and Craig Schiavone Media.  Click on the links below to view the trailers.  You must have a high speed connection to view.  If you would like to be notified when these Haunted Films are completed please fill out our Contact Form

Haunted Videos currently in production:

Hillside Hauntings Trailer   Updated January 28, 2007

Haunted Videos that are available for purchase:

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 New DVD 


Bonnie Vent owner of the San Diego Paranormal Research Project, jumped on board the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour in San Diego, CA.  She visited the most haunted sites in the city of San Diego.  This short film lets you experience the fun of a tour along with the real impressions of a Paranormal Investigator whose expertise is Spirit Communication.  The film is hosted by veteran actor Butch Patrick.  He joins along in the experience as well.   Come join us as we visit the William Heath Davis House, Villa Montezuma and the world famous Whaley House.  Proceeds will be used for additional research and production of more short films.

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Current Television Interviews:

New WB Television Show Supernatural Companion Piece


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KSWB San Diego 10:00pm News local version.  This version includes the Whaley House and the Villa Montezuma along with some footage from the San Diego Paranormal "City's Most Haunted DVD". 

Are San Diego spirits evil like the way they are represented in the show Supernatural?

Click the play button and judge for yourself.

Past Television Haunted Video


Bonnie Vent and Beth Shelburne "Voices of the dead" on Channel 8 News.  Click here for article  


Bonnie Vent and Tracie Austin Peters "Psychophone" on Let's Talk Paranormal. Click here for video



Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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