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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

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Bonnie Vent

Bonnie Vent is available as a paranormal consultant or guest for your show or event.   See Media page for upcoming and past shows.

Mini Bio:

Bonnie Vent is the owner of: San Diego Paranormal Research , Bonnie Vent’s Spirit Art/Mandala Store and Genesis Creations Entertainment. She is a field research medium and psychic detective located in San Diego, CA. with 20+ years of experience as a “Spirit Advocate.”

Bonnie Vent is the host and field research medium of the documentaries: Conversations with the Dead: An Evening with Marilyn Monroe , Conversations with the Dead: Yankee Jim Robinson Speaks Out, Conversations with the Dead: The Beautiful Stranger featuring the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA, Bonnie Vent’s Connection Channeling Vol 1 – Session 01-07

Bonnie Vent’s Book: Conversations with the Dead: The Connection

Book Contributions: The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, The Haunted Whaley House, Weird California. Numerous network affiliate television news interviews, radio and national newspapers, such as The New York Times.

Former Paranormal Consultant/Medium for the nationally syndicated television show: Macabre Theatre. International syndicator of Paranormal News.











San Diego Paranormal Research

Bonnie Vent is the owner of the San Diego Paranormal Research Project.  Her research of paranormal activity in the San Diego area is widely known.  She received an Excellence Award for her research from her colleagues at Sacramento Paranormal Investigators. Bonnie was known as the “resident” psychic at the Villa Montezuma, where she has channeled information that has been proven by historical fact.  Bonnie is considered to be a “Spirit Advocate” since she represents those who have crossed over in correcting the issues that are keeping these spirits coming back here.  She has assisted Thomas and Anna Whaley of the World Famous Whaley House in Old Town and Jesse Shepard of the Villa Montezuma in Sherman Heights.  These projects are still on-going.  In 2005 Bonnie expanded nationally with paranormal related projects in New Jersey and Texas.  Her appearances on Macabre Theatre are also rolling out nationally this year.



Bonnie discovered her healing powers years ago. One night, her daughter was having trouble sleeping due to a stomach ache. When Bonnie rubbed the child’s back, there was a glowing light on her left hand.  Bonnie thought perhaps this was from a street light outside, but when she moved her hand away the light was gone.  The light only appeared when her hand was on her daughter’s back.  Bonnie has had the ability to perform energy scans and energy healing ever since.  She cautions, however, always to seek a doctor’s advice.  


In the Media:

In year 2000, the Whaley House and the Whaley possessions were the subject of a major lawsuit.  Bonnie provided an interview for 10News, the local ABC affiliate, to present the case for the “residents” of the house.


In 2003 Bonnie appeared in 2 episodes of Macabre Theatre with Butch Patrick.  The subjects were the Villa Montezuma and the Queen Mary.  She was on the Fall Pilot of Macabre Theatre on October 31, 2003 with additional film of the Villa Montezuma.


Bonnie appeared on “Let’s Talk Paranormal” with Tracie Austin-Peters on November 24th, 2003.  The topic was the Psycho-phone device.


In 2004 Bonnie contributed to a book entitled “The Haunted Whaley House II” and completed a DVD project entitled:  “San Diego The City’s Most Haunted”.  This DVD includes:  The Whaley House, Villa Montezuma and William Heath Davis House. 


In 2005 Bonnie appeared on a news segment entitled “Voices of the Dead” for Local 8 News a CBS affiliate in San Diego, CA. 


As of June 2005 Bonnie Vent has agreed to join a group in Houston TX known as the Phenomena Police.  These are active duty Houston Police Officers providing paranormal investigation services.  A new show has developed from this group.  The television show will also be called the Phenomena Police and Bonnie Vent will be their paranormal expert specializing in spirit communication..    



 Bonnie knew from birth that she was “different”. As a child she would stare into candle flame to attain an alpha state.  The first messages came as drawings.  Since she had no natural ability for drawing, she knew this was coming from another source.  Being a very practical person, she finally requested that the messages be in word form.  Trying to guess what the pictures meant was too tedious.  Later Bonnie discovered this method is called “automatic writing”.  Soon the words came into her head before the writing was done. She then knew she no longer needed the writing, and had progressed to a new level as a full-fledged clairvoyant/clairaudient.   Today she uses a laptop and Microsoft Word to document her channeled messages. Don’t tell Bill Gates.  This may not be a feature he intended. 


Dedicated to the investigation and documentation of actual paranormal activities, in whatever shape or form it presents itself.


Genesis Creations Entertainment:

Bonnie also owns Genesis Creations Entertainment and represents

Classic Television and Soap Stars.  She provides personal appearances booking, production, and publicity services for her celebrity clients. 

google.com, pub-0240078091788753, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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