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Real Ghost Stories-Whaley House

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Bonnie Vent and San Diego Paranormal are proud to introduce a new book "The Haunted Whaley House II".  This book is written by Robert and Anne Wlodarski.  Bonnie Vent and visitors to this website contributed their own actual accounts of spirit contact at the Whaley House.  Pages 104-112 are all contributions submitted to the authors from the San Diego Paranormal Research Project.  This book gives you the history and the mystery of this very special home.  The Whaley House has gone through many changes in the past few years.  You'll really enjoy the paranormal pictures taken by regular people who have visited the houseTo purchase your copy click here or on the book image. You can only get an autographed copy from us and the autograph is free!!



Bonnie Vent owner of the San Diego Paranormal Research Project, jumped on board the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour in San Diego, CA.  She visited the most haunted sites in the city of San Diego.  This short film lets you experience the fun of a tour along with the real impressions of a Paranormal Investigator whose expertise is Spirit Communication.  The film is hosted by veteran actor Butch Patrick.  He joins along in the experience as well.   Come join us as we visit the William Heath Davis House, Villa Montezuma and the world famous Whaley House.  Proceeds will be used for additional research and production of more short films.

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24 May 2008    Picture of Thomas Whaley Jr??
24 May 2008    Whaley House disappearing shadow
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19 May 2008    Whaley's hit the jackpot
19 May 2008    Vibrating caution tape at Whaley House
19 May 2008    Thomas Whaley in a picture??
19 May 2008    Whaley House experiences
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29 Aug 2007    Cold chill on a hot day
29 Aug 2007    Rattlling door at Whaley House
29 Aug 2007    Dark Shadows
20 Jul 2007    Mysterious lady on the stairs
20 Jul 2007    New kitchen at Whaley House vs Old Kitchen
14 May 2007    Dizzying experience at "The Whaley House"
16 Apr 2007    Whaley House...Back in the day
16 Mar 2007    Grief on Whaley House grounds
2 Jan 2007    Cotton Candy??
24 Nov 2006    Little Girl Spirit at Whaley House
7 Sep 2006    Allergic to Ghostly Perfume???
12 Jul 2006    Can you hear me now????
30 Jun 2006    A fine Cuban Cigar never dies
2 Jun 2006    Girl in trance
6 May 2006    6th Grade Trip
6 May 2006    Blinds
6 May 2006    Sights and Sounds of the Whaley House
5 May 2006    Anna in the hallway
5 May 2006    Smokin' in the back yard
5 Apr 2006    Swinging Chains
10 Mar 2006    Final Paper
27 Jun 2005    Swinging lantern
27 Jun 2005    Someone grabbed me
22 Jun 2005    Theatre set changes---all by itself
3 May 2005    Flyimg chair and an apparition
3 May 2005    Hazy Figure
2 May 2005    It Disappeared
14 Jan 2005    Anna Whaley Encounter?
14 Jan 2005    Dolly the Dog?
14 Jan 2005    Smiling Faces
15 Aug 2004    Danny's experience at The Whaley House
12 May 2004    Play with my hair
12 May 2004    What's behind the curtain?
12 May 2004    Almost everyone showed up for this experience
12 May 2004    Man up a tree
12 May 2004    Yankee Jim leaves Erica cold
12 May 2004    Can't stay away
12 May 2004    A hair raising experience
12 May 2004    Marion Reynolds, in the Dining Room, with a chair.
28 Jan 2004    Jack's in the nursery
28 Jan 2004    Orbs on tour
28 Jan 2004    Red Mark on face
25 Nov 2003    Leave me alone
25 Nov 2003    Who's smoking in the theatre
25 Nov 2003    Meat Cleaver story
11 Oct 2003    Non-believer Mom gets up close and personal proof!
11 Oct 2003    Wished I had a camera then!
5 Jun 2003    Reflections

Lessons learned...Inquire within.

28 Apr 2003    Piano Man

This experience has happen to several people.  Although the "Gone with the Wind" piano is no longer in the Whaley House Anna's organ is now in this room.  It used to be in the courthouse area.  Anna Whaley enjoys hearing people play just as she once did.

25 Mar 2003    Prophetic Dream
17 Mar 2003    Courthouse
21 Feb 2003    Whaley House 05/2001
14 Dec 2002    Halloween orbs
See Dana's photos
10 Dec 2002    Girl at the Top of the Stairs


16 Nov 2002    Halloween at the Whaley House
22 Oct 2002    Whaley House experience

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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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