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25 Mar 2003

City: Playa del Rey

State: CA

Date Experience Occurred: 7-13-02

Where did you have this experience?: Whaley House

Other: In a dream prior to discovering the Whaley House

With whom did you come in contact?: Other: (Anna) Rose Whaley

In what area did this occur?: Room to the right of the stairs

Please explain your experience (600 maximum characters): I am a flight attendant. On July 13, 2002, I had a layover in San Diego. In the early morning hours before I flew to San Diego I had a dream of this haunted house. I was walking from room to room checking them all out. I came to this one bedroom. It had a four posterbed, wooden floors, and a fireplace at the end of the bed. I was thinking that this is my room. There was this incredidible force of energy in this room. It was like a white vapor, mist or fog. It was incredible standing near it. I felt like it was going to swallow me up. I wasn't afraid of it, I was intrigued. When I woke up, I felt totally exhausted and wondered why I dreamt of a haunted house.

We stay at the Holiday Inn in Old Town on our layovers. It is on the grounds of the Gila House which I read that Mr. Whaley was a member there and frequented it. I went to have lunch on July 14th and afterward was walking down the street and saw the sign for the Whaley House. I was curious about what this house was and went inside, (not even remembering or thinking about the dream I had the previous morning). One of the volunteers was telling me about the house and mentioned that it was haunted. I thought this was a little strange that I had dreamt of a haunted house that previous morning and here I was standing in one. I never knew of the Whaley house prior to this. Needless to say I was compelled to take a tour. I thought to myself ¨this will be really strange if any of these rooms look like the one in my dream. Sure enough, the upstairs bedroom with the fireplace looked like the one in my dream. When I was standing by the bedroom downstairs I felt this incredible energy in my hands, a tingling sensation. I had another layover the next evening. I had planned on going to the Whaley house the next day. In the early morning hours in my hotel room at the Holiday Inn, former grounds of the Gila house, my smoke detector went off two times for about 15 seconds. It woke me up out of a dream. In my dream I was visiting the Whaley house. I was in a very small room that was like a closet with a curtain in front of it. I was using the bathroom. I heard something outside of the curtain. When I peaked around the curtain there was this small old woman putting out some soap and a towel for me. I asked her who she was and she said Anna, Anna Rose. I asked her what it was like in the spiritual world. She said she didn't like it and wasn't happy there. I went back to the Whaley house that day and read that one of Anna's past times was her rose garden out back. I didn't know this before. She told me in my dream that her name was Anna Rose. I also read that burgular alarms go off for no unexplained reason in the Whaley house. My smoke alarm went off two times while I was dreaming of her. I went back to the bedroom upstairs with the fireplace. When I looked to the left I saw a curtain in front of a closet, just like the one in my dream. It was swaying at the bottom. I joined in on a tour and was advised that Lillian Whaley was one of their favorite ghost there. She slept in the room with the closet with the curtain and that alot of times they turn off the light and when they return the light is on again and the curtain sometimes moves. Anyway I just find it really bizarre that I dreamt of this house before I even knew it existed and was drawn into the house the next afternoon. This isn´t something that I would normally do on a layover(go to a tourist attraction), and then for Anna to tell me in my dream that her name was Anna Rose and later finding out about her rose garden and dreaming of the closet with the curtain and discovering it the next day.

I am just really curious as to why I had this dream. It is such a mystery to me and I would love to find out as much information as I can about the Whaleys. If you have any input on this at all, I'd love to hear your opinion or advise on how to find out more.

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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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