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Michael Jackson survives death, you decide!

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Breaking News: 

Michael Jackson partners with Bonnie Vent and The Connection

This is Bonnie Vent.

Recently Michael came to me with a request.  He wants to partner with me and The Connection in order to continue to be of service to humankind.  He is very interested in reconnecting with people who have remained loyal to his messages while he was alive and since his death. How could I say no?  In many ways this will be an interesting experiment.  We will be starting with question/answer sessions.  Where this project will lead promises to be a very interesting journey.  There is an existing group for "The Connection" on Facebook.  I asked the members to submit a spiritual question.  These are their questions and the answers are a combination of "The Connection", Michael and me. 

I have noticed in this work that I receive images that are relevant to the message but do not come through to the person listening to the message.  I will add my impressions to this process as well. 

The background that I have chosen for this video is the closest thing I could find to what I see visually when I tune into Michael’s surroundings.  I am sure it pales  in comparison to the real thing, but it gives you an idea of what I am seeing.

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Michael Jackson Claims MURDER from Beyond the Grave - recorded August 25, 2009 - Roosevelt Hotel

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Michael Jackson channeled messages

Update:  Via mediumship with Bonnie Vent, Michael Jackson claims he was murdered.  Court testimony from Prince, La Toya, and TJ Jackson validates this claim.

Nephew: Michael Jackson was murdered

New Michael Jackson message dated 07/04/12

New Michael Jackson message dated 12/10/11

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Michael Jackson channeled videos

See comments on these videos and post your own comment.

Additional information: 

The original trance channeled videos have been confirmed to be Michael Jackson by a distant "non-famous" family member.  She received a personal message as well that tracked back to time spent together in Gary, IN. 


06/25/09 8:40pm PT Initial contact - I heard in my head the theme to Billie Jean and then the words:  “I am the one gonna  dance on the floor in the round”.  I then heard his voice say “What happened?”. I  told him that he had died and then he was gone.

06/26/09 2:50pm PT and 3:10pm PT 2 occurrences back to back witnessed by 4 people.

I was at my Mother's house for lunch with my daughter and a family friend.  We decided to play a little poker.  I kept getting a strong sense of Michael’s presence.  At approx 2:50pm PT I was dealt a full house,   3 Jacks and 2 fives. The typical way I would call the hand would be Jacks and 5’s (Jackson 5).  I knew this was a sign, and we all discussed this for a few minutes.  My daughter dealt the next hand and as an acknowledgement to Michael's prior message she made Jacks and 5’s wild.  The hand was dealt at approx.  3:10pm PT. My Mother was dealt 4 Jacks up in a row and a 5 in the hole.   To add even more to this the family friend folded her hand which caused the 4th Jack to fall with my Mother.   We did not bother to deal the final down card.  These events have been sent to a statistician for analysis of the odds of these events occurring back to back.  Both hands were 7 card stud, 28 cards were used on the first hand and 24 cards were used on the 2nd hand.  



06/26/09 5:08pm PT Established a Q&A session with a documented transcript

07/02/09 1:32pm PT Recorded a video session including trance channeling (see videos above)

07/08/09 8:48pm PT Verbally asked for information that would only be identifiable by the distance family and aksed what I should tell Brooke Shields should I get the opportunity to speak with her so that she would know it was him.

07/08/09 8:50pm PT Received a private message for the distant family member.  

07/08/09 8:53pm PT Received a message for Brooke Shields.  Michael said to tell her that I (Bonnie Vent) have a pet rabbit since she has a soft spot for rabbits.  This message has not yet been delivered. (see note on 07/16/09) 

07/09/09 8:00am PT The family member confirmed her personal message as being time spent with Michael Jackson in Gary Indiana before the Jackson 5 became famous. 

07/10/09 2:44pm PT The family member watched the video recording and confirmed that she feels this is Michael Jackson. 

07/14/09 - ABCNews ran a tease that included "never before seen" footage of Katherine Jackson from 2003.  She speaks in a similar tone as the spirit person in the video above.  Including using the word "STOP" and calling people mean.  The spirit person used the word "STOP" several times and said people were "not nice".  http://video.aol.com/video-detail/jackson-matriarch-sheds-light-on-family/2233865943

07/16/09 8:55am PT Decided to do a search on Brooke Shields and rabbit (see note on 07/08/09).  Both Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields are mentioned side by side as clients of the Silly Rabbit Chocolate Company in Ashland Oregon.  www.sillyrabbitchocolates.com


07/17/09 6:48pm PT Received this email from Katie.  Thank you so much Katie for bringing this to my attention. 

I listened to this video on youtube soon after Michael’s death and at the time, his words ‘Stop’ and “It’s not nice” stuck with me --  you can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRV_zpRiyqc and if the link does not work search for Michael Jackson Barbara walters interview part I. Perhaps this additional information will add more weight to what you already have so that you can connect with his family.

Special notes on this footage:  At 2:39 mark Barbara Walters asked Michael Jackson if he is psychic.  At the 3:12 mark Michael Jackson uses the same tone with the word STOP that he does in the channeling video.  At the 5:06 mark Michael Jackson says "IT'S NOT NICE" in the same way as the channeled video.  The overall tone of this interview and the channeled video are very much the same.    



9/09 2:07pm PT Received another email from Katie.  

I don’t mean to bother you with these but I felt compelled to also point you to another video clip.  This one at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZnrxk-dpVA&feature=related(or search for “The unauthorized interview of MJ!part1).  An early interview in 1983, its sometimes hard to hear, but at point 6:20, Michael talks about how he actually views himself as a “channel”.  I cannot find the later life ones where he echoes this same sentiment, but do know that they are out there.  Just cannot find easily.   Hope this helps you….ok, gonna stop this obsession now.  Special note:  Quote from Michael Jackson:  "I hate to take credit for the songs I've written.  I feel that somewhere, someplace, it's been done, and I'm just a courier bringing it into the world.  I really believe that."    



 07/20/09 10:00am PT - It has come to my attention that there is a rampant rumor that Jorden Chandler has admitted that he lied about the molestation accusations against Michael Jackson back in 1993.  This seems to be just a rumor but I am noting it here due to the message for Brooke Shields regarding my pet rabbit.  The rabbit's name is Chandler -named after the character in "Friends".  (see 07/08/09)  For obvious reasons these message tend to be very personal and only mean something to the recipient.  Perhaps a strange twist of fate, perhaps a deliberate message. 

07/22/09 4:33pm PT - Q&A session - Not very much that I can release publicly.  I did ask him if he had anything he wanted his fans to know.  He said "Tell them I love them more."  The rest is being withheld either because it is private or because it could be used later as a cross comparision with any other legitmate mediums who might be in contact with him. 

07/29/09 - Created a video with the Q&A sessions from 07/22/09 and 07/27/09 between Michael Jackson and medium Bonnie Vent.  Bonnie Vent is reading both the questions and the answers from written channeled transcripts.


08/07/09 - Jermaine Jackson appears on Larry King Live providing some validation of information provided in the channeled sessions.  



08/10/09 -  Produced a recap video with some additional information and comparisons.


Jermaine Jackson on Larry King Live 01

Jermaine Jackson on Larry King Live 02

08/18/09 - I received this email dated 08/17/09 from MarShell - There was an article that I read maybe 3 days ago about how some memorbilia from Michael Jackson that was missing.  Apparently, according to the article, Michael Jackson's lawyers went to this man ( don't remember the name) who kept Michael Jackson's things.  Michael Jackson and him had been in court for years over the things.  They came to an agreement for Michael Jackson to get some of those things back when the lawyers went to him the man found that some of the stuff was missing.  I totally thought of the channelling you did with Michael Jackson when he said something like, "...those of you who think your taking a part of me by taking my things....go ahead and take...they mean nothing to me..." Thought you might want to know it.  I totally  was thinking of your channelling him after reading this article.  Thank you for your time,Marshell 

This is very interesting compared to what Michael Jackson said during the channeled session.  Here is the exact information from the channeled session dated 07/02/09:

“And please, please, stop trying to grab your little piece of Michael Jackson. There are no pieces left to grab. There are material possessions – they don't matter. As much as I loved them when I was alive, let me tell you they do not matter. So if you think you've grabbed a piece of me by having a possession of mine, then please think again. It is of no value.”


Here is the article from TMZ that MarShell was speaking of.  


Jackson Memorabilia Missing

Michael Jackson Memorabilia MissingSome of Michael Jackson's memorabilia is missing and the cops are on the case.

Jackson was in a prolonged legal dispute with a guy named Henry Vaccaro, who got a judgment against the singer in the 90s that Jackson never paid. Vaccaro ended up with a treasure trove of memorabilia, including 60 unreleased master tapes -- which contained 26 of Jackson's songs which have never been heard by the public.

We've been told the dispute between Jackson and Vaccaro lingered and recently Vaccaro agreed to give Jackson 8 items that Michael wanted. We do not know which specific items Jackson flagged.

We're told on July 19, two of Jackson's lawyers went with Vaccaro to the storage locker in Las Vegas where the memorabilia was being stored. According to Vaccaro, 114 items were missing, including the 8 items Jackson's lawyers were there to retrieve.

The items ended up being sold a week later by Clark County Public Auction owner Mario Trabado -- who says he acquired the items legally from a private seller.

Michael JacksonJackson's lawyers were suspicious and believe Vaccaro took the items out of the storage unit. Vaccaro says he removed nothing, and filed a report with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

The PD tells us they're investigating the case.

Here is a link to the AP article on MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32407868/ns/entertainment-music/

08/24/09 Received an email from Irina regarding more validation on the channeled information dated 07/22/09. 

I have another televised statement which supports what Michael is saying in your recorded Q & A session dated 7/22/09 – 4:33pm:
“I was very confused at first. I had been in similar states of being many times and always came back to my life and went through my schedule just as directed. This time was different. The environment changed suddenly and I was trying to get back. I had done this successfully before but not this time. I can see many people around me but there was no noise... complete silence and it was wonderful… there were also many different kinds of animals… they were the brightest white light I could possibly imagine. I had not seen this before in my other-worldly travels.”

On 7/30/09 "CNN’s Larry King Live" Larry asks Deepak Chopra to recall what he termed an “eerie conversation with Michael.”
Deepak Chopra proceeded to say to Larry King:
“…very casually over the phone he just dropped a line like Deepak have you heard of this thing that takes you immediately to the valley of death and then brings you right back?...”
Here is the link to that video: http://edition.cnn.com/video/?/video/bestoftv/2009/07/30/lkl.deepak.mj.cnn
10/27/09 Posted new channeled message from Michael Jackson.  He discusses his feeling about the "This it It" movie and more:

Michael Jackson vindication videos

These videos are an attempt to straighten out misconceptions regarding Michael Jackson and to assist in clearing his good name.


Michael Jackson vindication videos part 2

These videos are an attempt to straighten out misconceptions regarding Michael Jackson and to assist in clearing his good name.


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