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22 Jun 2005

Name: Christapher

City: Vista

State: CA

Date Experience Occurred: 06/17/2005

Approximate time: 01:00pm

Where did you have this experience?: Whaley House

With whom did you come in contact?: No idea

Other: Something in the Theater

In what area did this occur?: Stage Upstairs

Other: The stage changed

Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: yes

Did you experience cold spots?: no

Moving furniture or lights?: no

Knocking or other sounds?: no


Please explain your experience: I was in the Theater. My Mom and Sister had just left and were outside in the adjacent hallway talking with the docent. I was looking at the stage and I felt cold and strange.  I took a picture of the stage and looked at the image on the camera. The picture I had taken had a different stage arrangement. There was another chair on the stage and the sign had changed and the podium had moved to one side. But the stage in front of my eyes was still the same stage I was looking at when I came in. I showed the picture to the Docent and about eight other people who had come up the stairs. The Docent said the chair in the picture is not anywhere in house (They don’t have that chair).  No one could have moved anything on the stage because all the doors and windows to the stage where locked. The only entrance was from the hallway where my Mom was talking with the Docent on duty.  It was very freaky.  Look at the pictures (see below). In addition to the changed chair the sign was in a different position and I think said Please stay off the stage. The original says please keep off the stage. The curtain between the bedroom and the theater seemed to be moving a lot according to my sister, even though there was no wind blowing and all the windows were closed. It was a very disturbing experience. It happened in the middle of the day around 1pm in the afternoon. June 17, 2005.


Whaley House Theatre Picture

Note:  Even the control picture does have an orb.  See red box.


Whaley House Theatre Picture 02

Note:  Different chair in the middle of the stage.  The sign in the chair has a completely different pattern printed on it and  is displayed horizontally instead of vertically.  The velvet rope is wrapped around the post in picture one and not in picture 2.  A chair has been moved to the back and the podium has also been moved.



You might think that these pictures were just taken on different days, but another witness who is not related to Christapher saw this same event;


We were also at the Whaley House on 6-17. We were among those who witnessed the mysterious picture of the stage and the chairs. We also took pictures of the stage with a regular camera and they are currently being developed. There was definitely some ghostly energy in the house that day.





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Bonnie Vent products and services website


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