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12 May 2004

Name: Marsha

City: Riverton

State: UT

Date Experience Occurred: Sept 2003

Approximate time: 02:00pm

Where did you have this experience?: Whaley House

With whom did you come in contact?: Marion Reynolds (little girl)

Other: A tall, dark blonde man with facial hair sitting in Judge’s chair

 In what area did this occur?: Courthouse

Other: Upstairs bedroom, & parlor by piano

Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: no

Did you experience cold spots?: yes

Moving furniture or lights?: yes

Knocking or other sounds?: no


Please explain your experience: When we first entered the house, in the entry hall near the parlor I experienced cold spots and saw a woman sitting at the piano looking distressed. She looked up and said something that I didn't quite hear and then disappeared. We waited a few minutes to see if she would come back, but I no longer felt her around the room. We walked back through the kitchen area and I could hear the sound of a dog walking, but did not see one anywhere. I heard a young child laughing and told my friend that I really needed to go upstairs. When walking upstairs, a young girl in what looked like a frilly pastel (I want to say yellow) dress ran past us and dropped a doll, which she scooped up and disappeared around the corner. At the corner room closest to the stairs, the curtain kept blowing out into the room and I could see the shoes of a child under the drape. We then went back down stairs and when we entered the court room, a woman in a dark red dress was standing against the far wall near the group of chairs and a dark blonde haired man was sitting in the judge’s chair, he moved forward several times and my friend could see the chair move in and out with his movements, but could not see any of them. The woman in the red dress was crying and began to walk across the room when she disappeared. The man in the judge’s chair seemed to change and his hair grayed and his face became etched with lines before he faded. They spoke to me about a few things, but nothing that made any sense and it was like part of the words faded in and out. The man in the chair had an energy that was very angry with what was taking place and did not seem to agree with what he was required to do. There was energy for a lot more people than I could see. It was almost as if the room was partially full of people, but they did not want me to see them.




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Bonnie Vent products and services website


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