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24 Nov 2006

Name: Sharon
City: Oceanside
State: CA
Date Experience Occurred: 9/02
Approximate time: No idea
Where did you have this experience?: Whaley House
With whom did you come in contact?: Little girl
In what area did this occur?: Backyard
Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: no
Did you experience cold spots?: no
Moving furniture or lights?: no
Knocking or other sounds?: yes

Please explain your experience: This may sound strange to others, but for me it is very real. When I was at the Whaley House a docent told my friend and I a story about a little girl who lived at the Whaley House and was killed one day when she was running around the rose garden on the bricks and fell, hit her head and died. Just joking around I "reenacted" this. Ever since then I have felt a presence at home. I often hear a young girl laughing and giggling (there are no children in my home) and heavy crystal candle holders fall of my dresser, but always land face up 3+ feet away from where they should have landed. Also, I can hear the faint talking of a young girl at times, but only when I am in a certain location of the house (the area drop several degrees in temperature). I never believed in ghosts, but I feel as though this little girl was looking for a playmate in her after-life and her presence has chosen me thinking that I was trying to play with her. This may sound far fetched to some, but I know what I hear and feel and know that this is real.


Hi to Sharon and others reading this story.  I can confirm for you that there is a little girl spirit and she has been sensed in the backyard.  However, you were misinformed regarding a girl playing and dying in the backyard by hitting her head in the rose garden.  This seems like a version of the old Annabelle Washburn strangling on the clothesline urban legend.  Completely false story.


To the best of my knowledge this little girl has not identified herself to anyone nor the circumstances of her death.  She will hold your hand sometimes.  I have also made contact with her in what is now the dining room and in the side yard by the big tree.  Reenacting a false story should not have caused the little girl to follow you home. 


Thanks for sharing your story and rest assured that if you sensed a little girl on the grounds of the Whaley House that one does exist. 


Thanks so much,

Bonnie Vent

San Diego Paranormal Research Project


Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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