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Real Ghost Stories-Whaley House > My friend and I were thrown 3 feet back.

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2 Mar 2014

Name: liz
City: Escondido
State: CA
Date Experience Occurred: 2003
Approximate time: Midnight
Where did you have this experience?: Whaley House
Other: at the window in the back
With whom did you come in contact?: I could hear a woman and man fighting at what I believe
is the top of the stairs inside the house
In what area did this occur?: Backyard, one of the back windows
Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: no
Did you experience cold spots?: no
Moving furniture or lights?: yes
Knocking or other sounds?: yes

Please explain your experience: I went to check out the Whaley house with a couple of friends.
It was when we were younger around 2003 it was close or sometime past midnight. we were in the
backyard and I could hear fighting going on inside the house. I put my ear up to the window and
could hear the fighting much clearer. I called my friend over to listen as well. it took her a
moment but she started hearing the same thing; fighting/struggling at the top of the stairs inside
the house. It sounded like a man was hurting a woman. It stopped and then I heard what sounded like
very heavy boots coming down stairs (we were glued to the window by our ear,it felt like it was a
tall heavy man) the boots reached the bottom of the stairs and then something hit the window my ear
was against, very hard. My friend and I were thrown 3 feet back. I knew we both had heard and felt
that something was happening in the house.


Note from Bonnie Vent:

I had an experience with Thomas Whaley at the McCoy house.  McCoy house is located just down the street from Whaley  House and was rebuilt in 1999.  Today it is a museum.  Via mediumship Thomas Whaley was complaining about the court documents being removed from his house and seemed frustrated that Sheriff McCoy did not continue with the fight to regain the court house and the documents removed from Whaley House at gunpoint in 1871.  A little historical research proved the connection between the two men.  James McCoy was a large man for his day and he would have visited Whaley House during this very tumultious time period. 

From San Diego History

James McCoy Biography

James McCoy (1821- )

McCoy had many friends, and one of them, Charles Kelly who lived in Old Town and owned a livery stable there,16 described McCoy as "a big man over six feet tall who weighed 190 lbs. He could speak Spanish fluently. Everybody thought a great deal of him."17

As both a private citizen and sheriff, McCoy became involved with the argument over the location of
the court house. While Old Towners wanted records to stay at the Whaley House, a more liberal and
progressive faction wanted to build a new court house in New Town. The Supreme Court made the decision that the records had to be moved. McCoy, along with Judge Bush summoned a posse to resist the transfer.  On the evening of March 31, 1871 the newly elected County Clerk, Chalmers Scott, removed the records and put them downtown.27

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Bonnie Vent products and services website


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