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10 Mar 2009


   I've 500 proven cases of reincarnation: Dr K S Rawat


KATHMANDU, March 8: The idea of reincarnation fascinated Kirti Swaroop when he was just a kid. And why not? His grandfather, Ganesh Kumar Rawat, told him mysterious tales of his own past life instead of the usual bedtime stories.

Later in life, Kirti Swaroop’s query about life and its mysteries didn’t let him sleep in the nights. That is why he started to pursue the question about reincarnation scientifically.

Dr K S Rawat was at Osho Tapoban, Nagarjun Hills on February 28, conducting a seminar on the scientific evidence of reincarnation. Here he was sharing the astounding findings he had gathered over a research period of 42 years.

At Tapoban, Dr Rawat shared a few of the 500 cases of reincarnation for which he says he has proper scientific proof.

Many of the subjects he shared had memories of their past lives. Dr Rawat had taken the time to go in person to verify whether his subjects were just bluffing or were really part of a paranormal phenomenon that beats most scientific-minded people.

Apart from memories of a different life, some of Dr Rawat’s subjects also had birthmarks that they could trace to a previous life. A girl called Laxmi born with a birthmark on her head remembers dying by being hit in the head by a stone.

One of Dr Rawat’s cases included a Hindu boy born with a circumcised penis.

“Not only did they boy know exactly how to perform the Muslim ritual of Nawaz, but also remembers the exact process of circumcision,” shared Dr Rawat.

With a paranormal topic as his topic of research, Dr Rawat says he gets a lot of hoaxes as well. But for someone who has done his Ph D in Reincarnation, Dr Rawat says it’s easy to spot a hoax in a matter of minutes.

“There were nine kids claiming they were Gandhiji in their past life, but all were making it up,” he said.

One question raised to Dr Rawat at the seminar was why only some people remember their past lives while most don’t.

Dr Rawat said as there isn’t much research done in reincarnation at this point in time it is very difficult to tell exactly why only some people have such memories.

“But many who died a sudden and unusual death seem to remember their deaths,” he added.

Also speaking at the program, Swami Anand Arun, coordinator of Osho Tapoban said scientific information on reincarnation exists, but many Christian societies try to suppress this information as it goes against their religion.

“It is the same as Galileo’s case. He proved that the earth revolves around the sun in the 17th century, but the Catholic Church officially accepted this fact only in 1960,” said Swami Arun.



Published on 2009-03-08 16:53:18

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