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26 Mar 2009


E.T. spotted in Berkeley Heights?

by Erin Eileen O'Neill/For The Star-Ledger

One of several E.T- like apparitions spotted on Google Maps' street view feature in Berkeley Heights NJ.

E.T. might not have found his way home after all. Maybe he's in Berkeley Heights.

A report on the Web site of Britain's Daily Telegraph today highlights a blurry shape shown standing in the bushes of a rural road in the township on Google Earth's street view. The figure resembles the friendly alien that starred in Steven Spielberg's 1982 film, "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial."


Several Web users spotted the alien-like shape next to a vertical beam of light along Diamond Hill Road, said the Telegraph report.

Local residents found the report amusing.

"It looks pretty real," said Anthony Lombardo, Jr., a 65-year-old resident of Diamond Hill Road, today. "I am the alien that was doing it," he joked.

Mark Johnson, founder and lead researcher of North Jersey Paranormal Research, a group that investigates hauntings and other paranormal phenomena in the tri-state area, thinks that scenario is unlikely.

"From what I saw, it is a blurry image that could be anything," said Johnson. He described the shape as a blob with a bulbous top, but he admits the light beam coming down does look rather strange.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters also finds the beam of light interesting. "The light looks like a 'Star Wars' lightsaber that I bought for my two sons a year ago," he said.

Who is that strange creature peering out from the brush in this photo? And what about that beam of light?

Despite the out-of-this-world implications, the FAA is not investigating the alleged sighting. "I think that the FAA will stick to flying machines and let others investigate this phenomenon," said Peters.

That could be a job for New Jersey-based paranormal researcher Susan Bove.

Bove, a founder of South Jersey Paranormal Research, believes in the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the state.

"I always had the opinion that to think that we are the only intelligent beings in the entire universe is pretty arrogant," she said. "I've seen too much and heard too much over the years to not have a open mind," said Bove, who has researched paranormal phenomena on a professional basis for 10 years.

A search through Google Earth found several other light beams and alien-shaped creatures along Diamond Hill Road and New Providence Road.

Three months ago, police in nearby Morris County were alerted to a series of unidentified flying objects hovering over the area. The Morris County Prosecutor's office is investigating mysterious red lights sighted in January and February in the skies over the county.

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