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23 Apr 2009


Ghost Hunters Season 5 - “Crossing Over” – Recap

Posted on 04/22/2009 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

Spalding Inn – Whitefield, New Hampshire

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, co-creators of TAPS, recently bought this old Inn and were in the process

of renovating it for, my guess, their own “haunted hotel” to bring in the ghost loving community of

guests.  Because of Grant and Jason’s close connection with the Inn, they were not part of the

investigation.  The Ghost Hunters International team was brought in to do the investigation.  And yes,

that means no Kris Williams, which caused more than a few TV’s to be turned off I’m sure.  Although

renovations tend to bring out the spirits, this structure has had 80 years of ghost stories to back up

some of the more recent experiences.  Former employees, owners, and even the family members of Grant and

Jason have been experiencing voices, shadows, and full and half bodied apparitions.  Not only were Grant

and Jason showing off their new real-estate purchase but they took off into the white snowy hills

surrounding the grounds on their new snow mobiles after walking the GHI team around the building, yet

they claim they’re not getting rich from the show…….sure they’re not.  It’s good to see these guys

getting a nice payback from their decade long investment into the paranormal.


Robb Demarest, Dustin Pari, Joe Chin, Brandy Green, Barry Fitzgerald, and Angela Alderman were all

present for this investigation.  Yes, that Angela, the one who originally quit the GHI team at the end of

last season because she was busy being recently engaged.  Guess a few extra dollars for this economy sure

helps a wedding and we can only imagine that she remembered that her non TV life was a bit, well,

ordinary.  A lot was riding on the this investigation for Jason and Grant who do not want to be stuck

with a non-haunted, haunted hotel, even though Grant made a statement that “he couldn’t care if it’s

haunted or not.”  The GHI teams investigation experience would need to pay off. 


The first half hour of the show didn’t have many episodes of excitement, although the various members of

the team experienced some noises and at one point a ghost may have opened and closed a door as if they

were entering the kitchen area while Robb and Dustin were investigating.   Joe Chin, right after having

his camcorder battery drain from a full charge to barely charged, had the bed, that he was sitting on,

start shaking, not long after Robb heard some whispers.  Angela experienced her own technical issues

while investigating with Brandy in the basement of the Inn and it was not long before Brandy was overcome

by a strange warm puff of error, not once, but twice. This is a very strange phenomenon because it’s

usually a cool, cold breath of air that accompanies most ghostly experiences.


The analysis of the evidence showed some interesting evidence.  They were able to catch the door being

shaken.   Some audio revealed “ghosts” acknowledging the investigators with a “Hi” and a “Hey.” Not

exactly a lengthy welcoming, but evidence was evidence.  Another EVP called out a name from the past of

one of the former owners named “Cherry.”  The GHI team called the Inn haunted, and although there was not

ground breaking evidence, I’m sure one day you will be able to go there yourself, stay a night, and





Chad Alan

Story by: Chad Alan

(Photo courtesy of Sci Fi)




Grant and Jason’s B&B is haunted

2009 April 23




by Barry

I don’t know how others feel about last night’s Ghost Hunters episode, but I feel like I just watched an hour long infomercial for the Spalding Inn. The show certainly has changed from the days when the Ghost Hunters headquarters were located in a trailor.

What happened to any objectivity? What happened to any debunking?

Come on, an EVP of a British ghost that oddly enough sounds like Brandy, one of the investigators. An unbiased investigation means bringing in the Ghost Hunters International team rather than the Ghost Hunters  team?

Having said that, I guess that the true believers will march like lemmings to the Spalding Inn which will become the mecca of the paranormal. While I may not like what Jason and Grant are doing, I can’t argue with their strategy for making money.

I remember some time ago that Steve said that if a place were haunted it probably “wouldn’t have a gift shop.” I look forward to hearing about the wonderful gift shop at the Spalding where you can buy all sorts of  Taps gear.

To sum up the episode, the Spalding is a beautiful Inn. It is an old drafty but beautiful Inn. The door knobs rattle … a draft? Oh no its haunted. Odd sounds … a draft? Oh no its haunted. A shadow … its haunted.

The funniest part of the show was when Robb called Jason and Grant “hardcore skeptics”!  Ghost Hunters has turned into Most Haunted!





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