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2 Jun 2009



A haunting in Manitou Springs

Story By: John Romero
Source: KOAA

If you've been around Southern Colorado long enough, you've probably heard the stories of ghosts roaming the grounds of the Onaledge bed and breakfast in Manitou Springs. "2 guests were sleeping.” explains Onaledge employee Maurine. “The husband stayed asleep and the woman woke up and there were 5 people standing around the bed. They ran out at 2 in the morning in their pajamas"

The stories sparked the interest of the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association. They launched a full investigation and brought our cameras along for the ride. "You're probably going to see something. You may see something whether we're here or not. That’s how much activity is here.” said Paul Sninchak. The investigation began on a late Wednesday night. We were there for 8 hours between 9pm and 5am the next day. When the investigation starts it doesn't take long for something to happen. "Is my hair standing up on the back of my head?” CSPA investigator Lydia Petrovich asks in a dark room. “It feels like a piece of my hair is standing straight up like somebody is pulling my hair up." For the record, I was there and yes it was standing on end!

But the contact was only beginning. One investigator was scratched several times on the arm with our cameras right next to her.  "I felt this one start right there.” she explains showing us the fresh scratch on her left arm. “And it went all the way down my hand." "How many times is that tonight?" I ask. "5. This one makes 5. They must like me!" she replies.

In another investigation, the CSPA team caught what they call Electronic Voice Phenomena on their audio recorders. Someone or something is heard speaking back to the investigators as they ask questions. Multiple rooms bring several different voices that may point to past residents of Onaledge. "Are you read to go to bed? Are you tired? Start talking to us." says an investigator.

"Leave me alone. All of you." replies an old woman’s voice. The room they were in just happened to be inhabited by the woman of the house long ago. "They're coming to you because they want your acknowledgement.” explains Sninchak. “They want to say we're still here."

On another interesting note, we went through 3 full batteries that night on only one camera. CSPA tells us spirits gather the energy to make themselves known. So do the spirits of years past still roam these halls? That’s ultimately up for you to decide. But for me, it was a little too real to write off as just an old ghost story.

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