This is a theory that I’ve seen used by paranormal investigators, and one that seems to show how little investigators understand about batteries.  Many investigators will claim that ’spirits’ have drained the electrical charge from their batteries in order to come up with the energy to manifest into something that can interact in our reality.  In an attempt to validate that theory they will often point out the fact that the battery was new, or had just been fully charged.  What they fail to see and often don’t know or understand is that batteries are not like liquid fuel in the respect as to being able to easily see how much fuel, or in this case charge is in the tank (battery).  They are also appear unaware of the laws of current and it’s effects, which dictate certain physical aspects about what should happen if that much current was drawn from a battery, as well as ignoring other issues about the environment that don’t make sense.

Before we get into the details about batteries, let’s look at a few of the latter points I stated, starting with current draw.  Any time an electron moves through a conductor it creates friction.  Friction that creates heat.  The greater the current draw the greater the heat generated.  In the case where a ’spirit’ is reported to have drained a battery in minutes, the amount of heat generated would be substantial and the battery in question would get very hot.  But this is not reported in these incidents.

Now another thing that seems to go against this theory is how the ’spirit’ only seems to target certain batteries and not others.  This is one of the biggest holes in the theory as far as I see.  Why would a ’spirit’ drain one battery and not another, especially if it had completely drained the first source.  To me, that should make investigators take notice since if the ’spirit’ is consuming power, why not drain every source available, and if the location has power to it then why not simply drain power from that source, which is very large in comparison, and go after such a weak power source.  The logic doesn’t add up no matter how you slice it.