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15 Jul 2009


Unsinkable Molly Brown Home Ghosts

Posted by Ghost Writer

Most Haunted Places in America: Molly Brown House

Born Margaret Tobin in 1867 in Hannibal, Missouri, she grew up next to the Mississippi river and worked as a waitress. A customer at the hotel which she was a waitress, none other than Mark Twain, told her about Denver Colorado and that is just the beginning of this grand life she lived.

The house that is now known as the Molly Brown House Museum was originally built by the Large family who was invested in the silver mines that were all around Denver. The silver business crashed in 1893 and a year later Molly and her husband James Brown bought the home for $30,000. When James died in 1898, Molly was given ownership of the house until she died in 1932.

Molly died right in the middle of the depression and the house was sold for only $6,000. It was then run as a rooming house and fell on very hard times. The house was sold again in 1958 and in 1960 was renovated. The house was restored to its 1910 beauty by a group called Historic Denver in 1970.

Molly Brown traveled extensively and this is what led to her famed nickname, Unsinkable Molly Brown. She was on one of her trips when she got word that a family member was ill. Never given it a second though, Molly booked the next trip home. The first ship leaving she could get a ticket on was the Titanic.

Molly was on lifeboat #6 and earned her nickname when she was reported to have rowed the boat 7 ½ hours to bring her and her passengers to safety. Though she has reportedly entertained many of high society and leaders with her vivid descriptions of the night of the sinking, historians believe that her account may not have happened at all.

Now it seems that the Molly Brown house is full of paranormal activity. It is claimed to be haunted by Molly and James Brown both along with several others. Visitors as well as employees of the museum have claimed several times to have seen the apparition of both Molly and James roaming around the house.

The most recognizable activity comes from the nose. It seems Mr. Brown was an avid pipe smoker and since Molly didn’t allow smoking in the home, guests and employees alike have claimed smelling the scent of pipe smoke in the attic as well as in the basement. Is James sneaking a smoke around the old house still?

Some other family paranormal experiences have been in the former room of Molly and James daughter, Catherine’s room. Here it has been reported that the blinds in the window go up and down all by themselves. The apparition of Molly’s mom who also stayed in the home has been seen looking out her bedroom window as well.

There is also an apparition who has been caught on film of a lady in Victorian dress sitting at the dining room table. She has been attributed to the chairs in that room that have occasionally been rearranged. Then lastly an apparition of a male some claim to be a male servant appears in the mirror hanging near the stair case.

The Molly Brown House Museum does give tours and if you visit maybe you can catch some of the mysterious shadows, piano music being heard with no one playing, rocking chairs rocking on their own or the fresh scent of a pipe. Maybe, just maybe you will be able to see Molly or James themselves and thank them for their lovely home.



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