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Paranormal News provided by Medium Bonnie Vent > Internationally known trance medium Bonnie Vent speaks to Marilyn Monroe at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood California.

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11 Oct 2009

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has a well known history of being a haunted hotel.  So it is no surprise that bringing a legit medium like Bonnie Vent into a secret location in the cabana area of the hotel might bring some startling and compelling results. 

 Conversations with the Dead - An Evening with Marilyn Monroe channeled by Bonnie Vent


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Bonnie Vent – Executive Producer

Genesis Creations Entertainment




SAN DIEGO, CA – October 10, 2009 - Genesis Creations Entertainment is proud to announce the release of “Conversations with the Dead℠ – An Evening with Marilyn Monroe.”  This encounter with Marilyn Monroe was recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood California in an undisclosed cabana room.  Marilyn Monroe talks about:  What it is like for her on the “other side”, staying in haunted hotels such as the Hotel Del Coronado when she was alive, and the pluses and minuses of being a Hollywood Icon.  She gives advice to those that might be interested in the entertainment industry and even touches on the biggest love of her life.  She communicates directly through internationally known trance medium Bonnie Vent.  “You really get a sense of her as a real person who lived an extraordinary life, says Vent.”   It is left up to the viewer to decide.  The narration is done by Bonnie Vent so you get an opportunity to compare the personality and manner of speaking.  The process of observing trance channeling as well as watching an on-camera interview with a professional like Marilyn Monroe is simply spellbinding.   You can view the trailer and purchase the DVD at:  www.sdparanormal.com/Marilyn.html        


About Bonnie Vent:

Bonnie Vent is an internationally known trance medium and Spirit Advocate ℠.   She has worked with many famous clients on the “other side”.  This list includes:  Michael Jackson, George Carlin, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, John Ritter and more.  Along with Researcher John Streiff she has solved the mystery of the identity of the famous Beautiful Stranger who resides at the Hotel Del Coronado.

About Genesis Creations Entertainment:

Genesis Creations Entertainment is a: celebrity management, publicity and booking firm.



Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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