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15 Oct 2009


Centerboard Hosts Paranormal Investigator Chris Fleming


By Debbie Warner

Staff Writer

Have you ever heard mysterious noises, creaking floorboards, or hushed whispers? It might not always be a figment of your imagination. According to Chris Fleming, a paranormal investigator, these occurrences happen often. It all started with a tap on a shoulder when no one was around. Fleming would also hear his name being called when he was by himself.

Chris Fleming grew up terrorized in his childhood house by many “ghosts.” He was so desperate to not see the ghosts that he slept with the lights on. His childhood shaped his future. Becoming a paranormal investigator is the way he chose to stand up to his fears. Fleming has had over 500 cases, from phone conversations to exorcisms. He claims he has a gift of being sensitive to his surroundings, and that not using his ability would be a waste. He calls this a sixth sense.

Fleming has had over thirty five years of personal and collective paranormal and supernatural experiences. He is the founder and publisher of Unknown Magazine from 1997-2001. Fleming will soon appear on an upcoming episode of Dead Famous on the Travel channel.

Chris Fleming identified several different types of ghost encounters, such as shadows, face to face, vapor, wave, creature and closet. Of all of Chris Fleming’s cases, the one he claims to be the scariest was in the Eastern State Penitentiary. While investigating, he encountered a “Shadow Man” in cell block 12 on level two. Also, halfway through the corridor his camera and light went dead all at the same time. He then tried quickly to escape and upon reaching his producer he was told to return to the scene of the crime.

Muskie encounters with the paranormal world would include freshman Noelle Kleppel and senior Mallory Hay. Kleppel and her friends were playing with an oujia board after a Homecoming dance.

My friend asked a question in her head and it was answered correctly,” said Kleppel. Hay then added “107 Thompson is haunted. At night when it was quiet, you could hear marbles rolling down the steps.”

Chris Fleming did a two hour presentation of his personal experiences and then guided a small group of about twenty five students around campus to look for paranormal or supernatural activity. One building where activity was found was Brown Chapel. If you sense paranormal activity around you, Fleming suggests taking a picture and you just never know what you might see.

More information on Ghost Hunter Chris Fleming can be found at unknownmag.com, chrisfleming.tv, and myspace.com/chrisplace.

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