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3 Nov 2009


'Ghost' duo set dramas for ABC

Sander, Moses to develop three femme shows

Ian Sander


Kim Moses



Ian Sander and Kim Moses have set their sights on ABC. The exec producers behind CBS' "Ghost Whisperer" have three drama projects percolating at the Alphabet under their overall deal with ABC Studios.

A common thread among the three projects is that they revolve around strong female characters with unusual occupations. The femme focus is a good fit with the chromosomal tilt of ABC's aud, but it also reflects the interest of Sander and Moses, who are married, in exploring how the roles of women in the contempo workplace have evolved in recent years.

"These shows reflect the way in which our culture has changed and continues to change," said Sander, noting how it's become commonplace for women to excel in once male-dominated fields like medicine and law. That more men and women are working side by side as peers in workplace settings "has changed the way men and women communicate," added Moses.

The duo went into this development cycle with the goal of fielding three scripts at ABC. They tailored their projects to ABC's needs after lengthy conversations with Alphabet brass. Sander and Moses are seasoned drama showrunners who also frequently direct segs of "Ghost Whisperer," which is co-produced by ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios.

"Jane and Dick" is a legal drama set in an all-female firm. The central character is a woman who's about to inherit her father's firm and get married when a boyfriend from her teenage years suddenly steps back into her life. ABC Studios played matchmaker between the Sander/Moses team and author Jennifer Weiner ("In Her Shoes"), who is co-writing the pilot with Michael Reisz ("Boston Legal").

"Police Surgeon" comes from writer Lance Gentile, an alumnus of "ER" and "Third Watch" who is also a practicing emergeny room physician. The premise of the Chi-based show, about a female cop who is also a surgeon, is as simple as its title: "We'll save lives and solve crimes," Sander said. Gentile recently worked with Sander and Moses in writing the latest "Ghost Whisperer" vidgame, set for release next year.

"Ghost World," penned by feature scribe Daniel Taplitz ("Chaos Theory"), stems from Sander and Moses' longstanding interest in supernatural themes. It revolves around a male ghost who helps an ambitious femme homicide detective in Gotham crack her cases in the hopes of finding clues to his own life and death.

With the financial pressures on nets and studios these days, Sander and Moses said they're gratified by ABC's response to their development.

"At a time when everyone in TV is having to deal with adjustments, we're fortunate to be able work with some wonderful writers on these really interesting ideas," Moses said.

Sander and Moses are repped by UTA.

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