Good news horror fans, because Paranormal Activity, supposedly one of the scariest films released this year, comes out today. Set in a typical suburban house somewhere in the middle of America, a woman is haunted by a demon, and her alpha-male boyfriend decides to video their bedroom during the night to check what's going on.

Yes, he does try to record some 'extracurricular activity' and no, she doesn't let him, but he does manage to record some pretty spooky stuff. But it's in a modern house in suburbia – not the ancient castles and moldy pubs we're used to.

Which got us to thinking... where else have ghosts been known to pop up and say 'Oogabooga'? What are the most unusual places elements of the spectral plane have appeared? Places like Blockbuster, Burger King and Pizza Hut, it turns out... find out more, after the jump.

(All photos courtesy of Getty)

Rocky's Nightclub --Birkenhead Wirral, UK

We're guessing the fact that it's called 'Rocky's' is pure coincidence, considering that the ghost that was meant to haunt the place is, of course, one of a dead boxer. Known as 'Knocker' (because he likes knocking things, the little scamp) the ethereal pugilist was supposedly in his late 20s when he died celebrating his first fight and hasn't left since.

Pizza Hut --Centereach, New York, USA
As you might expect from a restaurant where the undead hang out, pots and pans fly all over the shop. And by 'fly all over the shop' we mean 'fall off their shelves'. A woman is meant to have died in the toilets some years ago (some say it was murder, some suicide) but the result is strange whisperings and a cold sensation whilst you're using the facilities.

Odeon Cinema -- Bristol, UK

A dark form haunts Screen 3 of Bristol's Odeon, more specifically, a particular seat in the third row, though he has been known to cause shivers amongst other moviegoers, as well as the sound of footsteps elsewhere. But who might it be? It might be a 1940s cinema manager, shot dead in a gang brawl, or two builders killed during the building's construction. Then again, it could be a draft.

Thorntons Chocolate Shop -- Chester, UK

Yes, a chocolate shop. A place where you buy posh chocolates, that's where this ghost hangs out – he just loves those caramel drum ones. Supposedly the phantom of a man who died in the flat above, this spectre is a fan of pushing people down the stairs, turning the lights on and off and tripping the alarm system, just to get his ghostly kicks.

Blockbuster -- Anniston, Alabama, USA

The scene of a heinous stick-up robbery gone wrong, two employees and two customers were killed in a raid gone very wrong. The spirits' 'energy' can still be felt in the form of a cold wind (our reading: in the form of some faulty air conditioning). It's not the only Blockbuster to suffer from visits from the undead, as this grainy footage shows below...

The Adorable Poodle Parlour -- Fresno, California, USA

A series of odd activities have occurred in this dog-washing emporium, including the more usual lights-on-and-off trick, the sensation you're being watched, and cold patches. The most unusual, however, was the ghost constantly kissing one of the staff's neck, with her shooing him away and screaming. The big flirt.
Verna's Doughnut Shop --Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Upstairs, they sell doughnuts. Downstairs, they sell... FEAR!!! Well, not really. Downstairs, down in the big spooky basement, they keep boxes. Behind these boxes lurk... BOGEYMEN!!! Or, maybe just odd-looking shadows. Who knows, really? We haven't been, and we bloody love doughnuts.

A Burger King -- Somewhere.

All we have is this YouTube clip here, but it's pretty weird. That white thing just appears, moves and, well, that's it. It is a Burger King though... maybe it just loves Whoppers. And the chips are good. Better than KFC's – we can all agree on that. But as to whether ethereal spirits roam the screwed down furniture of a night? Well, the jury's still out on that one.

Woolworth's Car Park -- Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia

After 1am, Tamworth's Shopping World Car Park is not a safe place. Car park users have reported temporary loss of sight as well as (and we promise you this is what we've been told) 'the sensation of being tickled'. 17 people have reported this. 17. Grown adults. Humans. Seriously. The tickling monster is out there...