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7 Dec 2009


Strange occurrences unnerve dorm students

Brennon Clark

My dorm room is haunted. There is something in the dorm room I live in and I'm not the only one who thinks that. Call me crazy or call me creepy, but my roommate and I are not the only ones living in my dorm.

Paranormal is defined as something that cannot be scientifically defined. Some of the occurrences that have happen in my room cannot be scientifically explained.

I'm the first person to call into question a claim of paranormal activity. People say they "see things," and they do, but it is their mind playing tricks on them. Most of the times I discredit what I "see" and just tell myself that I am tired.

The shows about investigating ghosts or hauntings usually have little evidence or cannot come to a conclusion.

If you tell people you've had a paranormal experience, they think you are kidding or think that you are weird.

Two major different occurrences and four different people make up the events that lead me to believe that my room is haunted.

Mid-October was the first time I ever had a feeling that something "not normal" was occurring. All of my roommates were gone for class.

I had just came home from running errands and decided to take a nap before getting ready for the night.

An hour into my nap, I thought I heard someone in my bathroom moving things on the counter.

Not thinking anything of it I drifted back into a half sleep. I wasn't fully asleep, but I wasn't awake.

As I felt myself drifting back to sleep, someone or something whispered into my ear.

Instantly, I was fully awake and could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

The whisper sounded like gibberish, but it was as if someone was telling me a secret and they were right next to me.

I hesitantly stood up to check my room thinking my roommates had sneaked in while I was sleeping, but no one was home but me.

I thought that my head could have been playing games with me, but the events seemed so real.
Not telling anyone about my experience at first was a personal choice. I didn't want people to think I was crazy or making things up for attention.

Nearly two weeks later, one of my roommates was sleeping in my room because my other roommate was out of town and his bed is more comfortable then most.

As he describes it, around 4 a.m. he was awakened by an intense, deep growling noise.

Immediately he sat up thinking it was me making noises in my sleep.

He then said he quickly fell back to sleep so he didn't have to think about what it was.

The next morning he told me about that night, and that's when I first told someone about my experience.

Other things have happened in my room that go unexplained.

Just last week, sitting in my room with a friend doing homework, we heard a growl and both looked at each other with puzzled expressions on our face.

Less than five days ago, my roommate was sleeping in the room by himself when the blinds were hit, like someone dragging their hand down them.

It's really frightening to think there is something else living in your room besides you and your roommate.

We all could be hearing things and feeding off each other's stories, but some things just seem too real.

Call me creepy or call me crazy, but I'm living with something paranormal and in a way, it's exciting.

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