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29 Dec 2009


Winners for the IPAA Awards 2009

Best Personal Fan Club
Top Nominees are: Andrew Beckham, CC Carole, Zak Bagans, Jason Hawes, Steven La Chance
Winner: Zak Bagans

Best Paranormal Personal Web site:
Top nominees are:, John Zaffis, Robbie Thomas, Ray Jorden, Dr. Ciarian O’Keefe, Tommy Golden
Winner: Tommy Golden

Best Informative Website: David Desjardines, Andrew Marsay, Mark Macy, John Selman, Jason Hawes
Winner: John Selman http://www.paranormal51.com/

Best Paranormal Internet Radio: Robert Murdock ,Dave & Tommy Jones, Henry Foister, Brian Buyers, Jason Hawes
Winner: Jason Hawes - http://beyondrealityradio.com/

Best Paranormal Internet Radio Host: Robert Murdock, Dave & Tommy Jones, Henry Foister, Brian Byers
Winner: Brian Byers http://Ghostologyradio.com

Best National Paranormal Investigator: Zak Bagans, Jason Hawes, Chris Fleming, John Zaffis, Steve Gonsalves,
Winner: Steve Gonsalves

Best National Paranormal Investigator Female: CC Carole, Annette Martin, Kristyn Gartland, April Slaughter,
Winner : Annette Martin

Best National Paranormal Venue/Conventions: Bruce Phelps, River Valley Paranormal Research and Investigations,
Winner: Bruce Phelps

Best National Paranormal Event: Patti Starr Scarefest , Bruce Phelps, RVPRI
Winner: Patti Starr/Scarefest

Best National Paranormal Group/Team: Ghost Adventurers, Taps, Ghost Research International (GRI) Darren, Druid City Paranormal, Dave & Spookhunters
Winner: Ghost Adventurers

Best International Paranormal Group/Team: GHI and Dustin Pari, Dave & Spookhunters, UK5 Ray Jorden,
Winner: Ghost Hunters International/ Dustin Pari

Popular Paranormal up and coming service (Male) Don Conner Jr. , Chris Dedman, Chris Conlon, John Selman, Steven LaChance
Winner: Chris Conlon

Popular Paranormal up and coming service (Female) Cassopia DeMars, Gail Wain, Anna Campbell, Shannon Sylvia, Brandi Lynn Bogia
Winner: Anna Campbell

Popular Paranormal up and coming Paranormal Group/Team : EOPIC + David Desjardins, Dave Considine + Phantasm Psychic Research, Mike Spencer+ Nitemans Paranormal Group, Richard Kidd + NWAP Investigations, LISPR + Long Island Society for PR.
Winner: LISPR

Popular Spiritual Up and Coming Service Female: Susan G Rushing, Michelle Babs Griffen, Robyn Marie, Jodie Smith-Oberyant
Winner: Jodie Smith- Oberyant

Popular Spiritual Up and Coming Service Male: Bishop James Long, Steven La Chance, Oliver Guttorm Svendsen, John J Selman, Chris Conlon
Winner: Chris Conlon

Best Spiritual Psychic Radio Station:
Winner: Souls Journey Radio.com

Best Spiritual Psychic Radio Host: Oliver Guttorm Svendsen, Melissa Frei, Sahvanna Arienta, Judy Smith,
Winner: Sahvanna Arienta

Best Spiritual Supportive Community: Mark Husson, Bishop James Long, Rev Judy Merrill, Sahvanna Arienta, Shannon Sylvia, Scott and Robin Ritchie,
Winner: Mark Husson 12listenlive.com

Best National Spirit Medium Male: Travis Sanders, Robbie Thomas, Chris Fleming
Winner: Chris Fleming

Best National Spirit Medium Female: Bonnie Vent, Mandy Jooste, Rev Judy Merrill, Susan G Rushing, Sahvanna Arienta
Winner: Bonnie Vent - www.bonnievent.com

Best New up and coming Psychic Medium (Male/Female) Tiffany Johnson, Ewan Irvine, Rev Kelly Collins, Francesca Stevens, David Wells.
Winner: David Wells

Best Psychic Medium For Children/Animals: winner: Rev Judy Merrill

Best Spiritual Teaching/School Center: Winner: Robbie Thomas

Popular Spiritual Alternative Healer: Winner: Rev Judy Merrill

Best Paranormal Printed (Magazine, Newspapers)
Winner: Haunted Times Magazines Creator Founder Chris Moon.

Best Spiritual/Educational Author/Book
Winner: Mark Macy

Best Paranormal/Educational Author /Book
Winner: Kathleen Tedsen & Beverlee Rydel

Best Paranormal TV Programming winner: Ghost Adventures

Best Paranormal Movie/ Documentary winner: The Booth Brothers

Best Paranormal Music Score/ TV winner: Brian Cano/Scared

Best Paranormal Music Score/Movie/Documentary winner: Michael Baker

Best Spiritual/Psychic Medium Male TV Personality winner: Chris Fleming

Best Spiritual/Psychic Medium Female TV Personality winner: Sahvanna Arienta

Best E.V.P Researcher (Male) winner: Steven LaChance
Best E.V.P Researcher (Female) winner: Debbie Constantino

Best ITC/RTSC Researcher (Male) winner: Christopher Moon
Best ITC/RTSC Researcher (Female) winner: April Slaughter

Best U.F.O/ Anomalies Researcher winner: Norman Gagnon
Best U.F.O/ Anomalies Film/ Documentary winner: Chris Moon
Best U.F.O/ Anomalies / Author winner: Rick Moran

Best Cryptozoology /Researcher winner: Rick Moran

Best Clergy/Paranormal/Preternatural Research winner: Bishop James Long

Best Author of Paranormal Non-Fiction winner: Natalie Osbourne-Thompson

Best Contribution to Charity/Community Service winner: Danielle V. Garrison

Best Spirit Photography 2 winners: Parris V Stephanow & Michael Sears

Best Most Innovative New Technology Applications winner: Gary Galka


Best International Paranormal Investigator (Male) winner: Ray Jorden of UK5
Best International Paranormal Investigator (Female) winner: Shannon Sylvia

Best International Paranormal TV Program winner: Dead Famous – Chris Fleming

Best International Paranormal Radio Program winner: White Noise Radio
Best International Paranormal Radio Host winner: Jason Day

Best International Spirit Medium (Male) winner: Lee West
Best International Spirit Medium (Female) winner: Mandy Jooste

IPAA Best Spiritual Service winner: Sahvanna Arienta – Souls Journey Radio

IPAA Lifetime Achievement Award winner: John Zaffis
IPAA Achievement Award (passed-over) winner: Hans Holzer

Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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