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2 Jan 2010


Prospect Place to be featured on 'Ghost Adventures'

Historic house was part of the Underground Railroad

BY PATRICIA A. WEST-VOLLAND • Correspondent • January 1, 2010


TRINWAY -- Mystery, history and ghosts surround Prospect Place, which was built in 1856 and was part of the Underground Railroad.

The historic home, built by George W. Adams, will be featured on "Ghost Adventures" at 9 tonight on the Travel Channel.

"The history of the estate was very important to this program," said George J. Adams, business manager. "They concentrated on learning all they could about the varied and rich history of the estate and its inhabitants. They also gave equal time to the haunted history of the property centering around the bounty hunter spirit in the barn, the widowed Anna Adams-Cox and the little girl who supposedly fell from one of the balconies."

The show will feature the background of the mansion and one of the ghost hunts.

"The Travel Channel not only delivers an exciting adventure by filming and sharing their experiences on a ghost hunt, but they also have a flair for the historical significance of the properties they visit," Adams said.

The home was featured previously on an episode of "Ghost Hunters" and gained attention as a haunted house. The Travel Channel will show it as a historic destination as well as a haunted home on the upcoming program.

"This building is one of the most historically significant properties in the state of Ohio. The family who lived there were instrumental in the early development of Zanesville, Dresden and Muskingum County," Adams said.

G.W. Adams, builder of Prospect Place, was a major land owner and employer in the area.

"The nearly 150-year history of the haunting of the estate and the grounds prompted the Travel Channel to feature the home," he added.

"Going right back to a potential warning from a Native American Indian woman in 1856 that the house was being built on a burial ground, although this account is unsubstantiated, and would be forever cursed and haunted by the spirits of her people," Adams said.

The home is being restored to its former glory and preserved for future generations.

"The G.W. Adams Educational Center owns the property with a primary mission of restoring and preserving the estate and a secondary mission to reach out to the community as an educational resource," Adams said.

Money from the ghost hunts that are conducted on the property go toward its mission. Daytime historical tours of the house and grounds are available in addition to ghost hunts from April through November, Adams said.


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