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9 Jan 2010


'Medium' Astrology

CBS Show Hits the Paranormal Jackpot

by Kathi Calahan


The long-running Psychic TV show Medium is based on the real-life psychic experiences of spiritual medium Allison Dubois. This amazing woman is a Psychic Aquarian, with money-making (and mediumship-gifted) Scorpio in her 2nd house of money. Success was clearly written in the stars! She's also a suburban mom and wife who has the coolest job. She works for the Phoenix, Arizona Criminal Justice Department using her mediumship gifts to solve crimes.

Patricia Arquette
The character of Allison Dubois is an easy fit for Arquette -- she also starred in the paranormal film Stigmata. The petite actress was born a fired up Aries with Sun (success) in her 10th house of career, meaning she was destined for fame. It's not surprising that Arquette landed the juicy role of a psychic detective, because Aries rules law enforcement.

What's more, her Moon in fiery Leo (all the world's a stage) was just the insurance she needed to catapult her into psychic TV fame. It makes her exceptionally believable as Allison, the loving mom of three psychic daughters on the TV show (it is said that psychic abilities run in families).

Growing out of her teens, Arquette dissolved her early impulsive days as a runaway, and as a fast-moving Aries, didn't let any moss grow under her feet when she bounded into her niche of acting and made a turn for the better. Aries reminds us that just because we start off on the wrong foot, doesn't mean we cannot turn it around quickly and have a successful, fulfilling life.

Jake Weber
Not everyone is born a leading man. Still, with Sun in quiet, supportive Pisces, British-born actor Jake Weber is raking in the big bucks and loving his career as a supporting actor. His Moon in intellectual Gemini provides a genuine curiosity about the workings of women, which he really counts on because his role as Joe has him living in a household of four psychic women; his wife and three daughters. He is a man who thoroughly loves his family and doesn't feel the least bit overwhelmed by all the estrogen in the household.

With Moon in Gemini, Weber is in fact a brainiac, both on screen and off. Joe is an aerospace engineer and Weber graduated cum laude with a BA in Literature and Political Science from Middlebury College in Vermont. He then attended Julliard, from which he graduated in 1991. Mental slouch he is not!

With both Sun and Moon in mutable signs, Weber is super adaptable. He uses this ability to completely immerse himself in a role, and he doesn't need center stage to do it. The role of Joe allows him to naturally make use of his emotionally sensitive and helpful nature. Like many supportive Pisces, he often performs wonderful feats while staying under the radar.

Miguel Sandoval
American born Miguel Sandoval is cast as the sexy top notch Phoenix, Arizona D.A., Manuel Devalos. He's a mysteriously dark and alluring Scorpio who, as Allison's boss, welcomes her psychic abilities on to the job. Words from beyond the grave don't scare tough Scorpions, and you just know he has a hidden curiosity - and maybe experiences - with the paranormal.

Sandoval's Mercury in Sagittarius is a big bonus for working in the legal (Sag) field. He's a talented actor who works regularly, having more than 40 feature films to his credit. He has worked alongside Johnny Depp in Blow, with John Travolta in Get Shorty and with Harrison Ford in Up Close and Personal. Career success doesn't always mean playing the part of a leading man, but rather finding a niche where you fit best and can work consistently. Sandoval has money in the bank because he followed his astrological gifts and found his niche.

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