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11 Feb 2010


Introducing...the Conway Inn ghost


A POPULAR Cookstown bar has recently become the home of would-be ghosthunters after a photo taken inside the bar seems to show the outline of a spooky apparition.
The picture, taken on a customer's mobile phone in the Conway Inn, has been doing the rounds throughout the town since last Friday and customers have been flocking in the hope of catching a glimpse of what they believe could be a ghost.

The staff are rattled and have been uneager to lock up on their own since the alleged sighting and every door creak and floorboard squeak is now being met with a gaze of fright.

And even previously sceptical bar manager Michael Burke has even been converted, believing the photo has caught a glimpse of an other-worldly apparition.

But was it just a flicker of movement and light combining to create an illusion or could it be the cause of somehting more supernatural? Either way, we went along to investigate.

"I wouldn't normally have been a person who believes in ghosts to be honest," the young manager admitted, "I thought the guy was just joking.

"But it's when you look into it a bit more closely you can clearly see something that looks like the outline of a face and body."

The story goes that a customer was trying out his new phone and its camera capabilities when he was shocked to look back at a photo of something he hadn't expected to see.

But it's not the first time the bar has been a source of ghostly goings-on.

"Since the photo has appeared there's a story of a young wife who came into the bar to collect her husband," explained Michael.

"She went to the toilets and took a glimpse of someone standing in the door frame and when she came back out she saw it there again. She came back into the bar with goosebumps and teary eyes."

Naturally the finger of explanation is pointing to the history of the building and it's previous occupants.

"The bar used to be an old house and an old woman was said to have lived in it," says Michael. "People have been trying to come up with an explanation but people will either believe or they won't.

"Things like this happen and they start to get you thinking. It can be scary but also really interesting."

Well, it's not every bar that can say they have a ghost as one of their regulars.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen the photo? Has it got you thinking about what could be out there? We'd love to hear your story: text the word MMCOMMENT followed by your message to 81800.

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