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22 Feb 2010


Fearless landlord wanted for haunted pub

There have been sightings of ghosts at the Burnett Arms Hotel in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire for decades.

Fearless landlord wanted for haunted pub

Haunted Pub: Burnett Arms Hotel looking for new landlord. Pic: © STV

A fearless landlord is being sought to take over one of Scotland's most haunted pubs after a series of ghostly sightings.

For decades, regulars at the Burnett Arms Hotel in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, have spoken of paranormal activity and apparitions.

Local legend has it that the spirit of Maggie Duffton, who died in 1934, still haunts the property.

Just days ago housekeeper Fiona Reid had a hair-raising encounter with a spirit - thought to be her own grandfather.

Miss Reid, 47, came across the ghost when she went upstairs to investigate the cause of a fire alarm going off in the loft.

She said: "There was definitely someone standing in the corner of the loft. It was a dark figure.

"Something drew me to walk towards it, then it disappeared right in front of my eyes. I can't explain it."

Miss Reid said she heard countless eerie tales about the pub as she was growing up in the village.

But nothing would prepare her for what she discovered lying on the floor as she backed away from the figure.

She added: "On the floor was an old newspaper from 30 years ago. I picked it up and here is a picture of my grandad on the front of it. It was about a foot away from where I saw the figure standing. I can't believe I didn't run away.

"My grandad was Robert Reid, a local councillor - he died years ago. I'm pretty sure it was him.”

Last week, Belhaven Pubs began looking for a new owner to take over the haunted bar after it went onto the market for the first time in three years.

Current landlord Malcolm Edwards, 30, insists he has not been scared out of the pub, but said he was moving on to run another hotel.

In June 2008, Mr Edwards hired a stone mason to demolish a cellar wall to try and put an end to local rumours about coffins being buried under the bar.

One was alleged to contain the skeletal remains of the former owner Maggie Duffton and the other containing piles of cash.

Nothing was found behind the 2ft-thick granite wall, but spine-tingling incidents and a spooky presence continued to be experienced by staff and customers.

Mr Edwards added: "Apparently one of the barmaids, who used to be the cleaner many years ago, said a figure walked through a locked door one day and asked to speak to Norman.

"And the previous owners reported seeing a woman floating around late at night in a pink wedding dress.

"But my advice to any prospective owners would be not to worry - I'm sure the ghosts here are pretty friendly."


Last updated: 22 February 2010, 12:47

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