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8 Apr 2010


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Consciousness and the Paranormal: You Are All That and a Bag of Chips!



Once again I am illustrating the directionality that I feel the study of the Paranormal Realm must take in order to gain any headway.  I'm going to put enough knives in this dead horse so as to have its appearance suggest that of an expired, giant porcupine.

The Paranormal Realm is dying and it is desperate not to hence its intense flurry of activity.

The keyword I'm going to primarily play with on today's topic is belief.  It is, in my opinion, responsible for everything.  If you can see it.  If you can smell it.  If you can touch it.  You can believe it.  Or...is it the other way around?  It's the classic Chicken or the Egg riddle.  Well if Science has proven anything it's that thought comes first.  Matter is manipulated and I would go so far as to say, manufactured by thought.  I would even say all of it is.  This is perhaps why Science does not work and if Science does not work neither does Religion or "ologies" or "isms" of any kind.  It's all chasing smoke and shadows.

So one might argue, "What about ghosts and UFO's or stuff floating around my house unassisted?"  What about it?  I would say that those are all good arguments for the archetypal menagerie that is the reference points of manifestation for the Human Collective Subconscious Mind (HCSM).  Stuff that is not readily in your forefront of thought and awareness is probably lying dormant or idle in your subconscious.  The catalystic effect of fear the Unknowable has a fairly consistent way of waking those nightmares up.  Fear is the belief in separation.  An "other than" mentality.

There is actually nothing wrong with these events and images coming up around you.  It is the nature of your mind.  Its primary functions are twofold.  To Observe and Create.  But if this semi constant subconscious projection of mental objets d'art bothers you in that you are overcome with fear by it well there is a way to dissolve this issue.

Again I bring up the Great Wisdom Traditions.  Especially of the East as well as some of the wonderful Contemplative Traditions in the West.  Why?  They work.  They work doing what, you may ask?  They work in so much as to serve one purpose;  keeping your undisciplined ass present and in the moment where all is clear and unjudged.  That's right.  There is no judgment in the present moment.  Things just are.  As soon as you critique a thing observed or witnessed, you are now caught up and ensnared in a web of thought and no longer focused on the present.

Try this experiment with yourself if you are a regular experiencer of odd and bizarre phenomena.  Next time an event occurs, try to look at the thing objectively.  Try to detach from it and just witness it.  Don't attach to it emotionally and don't label it "scary", "friendly", "curious" or otherwise.  It just is.  Stop seeking an explanation.  This doesn't mean that you won't get one.  Just don't actively seek for it.  That's the trap.  That's the trick and you are probably tricking yourself.  You might not get this right the first time but after 4 or 5 tries of just looking at a thing or event with an objective eye and an open, nonjudgmental mind, you might find that the event no longer holds any solidity of any kind.  You might also find that it stops altogether.  Curious, huh?  Could you be the source of said event?  Did you manifest or co-manifest this event? 

It might help if one changes the definition of "you".  Most would probably define "you" as the person in a body who is an experiential unit interacting within an environment of a separate nature.  "Separate" is the operative word there and it is the one wreaking havoc on your psyche and the catalyst for all things fearful.  In other words, if a thing is separate, it is not me and therefore it is Unknowable and now I must keep my wits about me because I cannot predict the actions or intentions of this Unknowable thing.  I will predict that you can never know the thing.  How could you?  You can't even know yourself!  The definition of you?  Everything and nothing.  Weird.

You wanna know what I think?  Of course you do.  I think the reason you will never know the thing or anything is because you are the thing and everything!  How does that grab ya'? 

I think Mankind is moving along just fine.  All of the agitation and polarity is actually a sign of growth and evolution.  Nothing to despair over and certainly nothing to fear.  Change is consistent throughout all of existence and to think that would ever stop is a practice in naivete.

So by practicing presence and BEing in the moment, I would hedge a guess that the les enquetes du paranormal would wane considerably if not stop altogether.  Why?  Because in actuality they bore you.  When one settles into the present, one is at once opened up to the entirety of the moment and all that is manifest in it.  What is more is that this moment and all that is manifest in it is YOU.  Huh?  That's right.  Everything you perceive takes place in one locale and one locale only.  Your mind.  Everything seen occurs in your mind.  Everything felt occurs in your mind.  Everything heard occurs in your mind.  This writing is occurring in your mind.  YOU are writing it!  you are talking to yourself in the Oneness about all of the wonderful make-believe things you will do and create today.  Perhaps something exciting.  Perhaps something tragic.  Perhaps something beautiful.  If you stay in the present, I promise you, you won't even know because there is nothing to know.  If you are everything what is there to know?  You ARE and all IS.  Period.

This may not be the answer to the Paranormal Realm that we collectively are looking for because the ego loves the distraction of mystery.  The scary fringe of the Unknowable so it creates the illusion of detachment and the idea of "all things other than" in your mind imprinted on the Veil of Forgetfulness that is your subconsciousness.

These writings that I do extolling the Singularity are probably not winning any popularity contests.  I really don't care.  It's not a popularity contest.  It is a statement of observation.  You either agree or you don't.  Either way is just fine.  The outcome is the same.  I just feel that the current directionality of the study of the Paranormal Realm is heavily flawed because it is entirely detached from ourselves and is fully engulfed in the idea of an "other than" where there doesn't seem to be any.  We are not accepting our responsibility and if we can observe it, we are responsible for it.

My greatest suggestion for all things studied is simple.  Pull back a bit and quit studying.  Observe instead.  Watch the movie float by and marvel at it.  Stay present and don't stick to any aspect of it and most of all, enjoy all of it.  It's You watching You.  What could be more miraculous than that?

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