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13 May 2010


New age ghost trackers
> Brothers Brad and Barry Klinge are trying to relate paranormal activities to science through their investigations
by Bissme S.


Brothers Brad (left) and Barry ... out to prove that
ghosts do exist

come face-to-face with an apparition that is beyond  logical explanation, what will you do? You will probably do what most people do – run the other direction!

But not  brothers Brad and Barry Klinge! You can count on them to linger and carry out some investigation. 

For the last 20 years, the brothers, who hail from Texas in the United States, have been researching  paranormal activities. Three years ago, they started their own investigation group called Everyday Paranormal. 

“Everything that we do is science based,” says Brad, the younger of the two, in a telephone interview from the States.  “We’ve a lot of researchers from many universities and scientific institutions around the world who are helping us with our work.”

The duo are separating the hocus-pocus of the magical realm in the supernatural to the scientific realm. They are making the supernatural a more serious business. 

“Hopefully, one day – I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime – we’ll find answers as to why there are ghosts and spirits in the world,” says Barry.   
Their investigations and first-hand experiences in the world of the supernatural have been documented in a 13-part series called Ghost Lab. The series premiered on Discovery Channel on May 6 at 10pm.

When asked how different Ghost Lab is compared to other shows with similar themes, Brad says: “We’ve done more than 70 investigations on the paranormal before having a TV show.  So we’re well-versed with paranormal activities and have actually come up with a lot of new theories. We’re taking the paranormal to a new direction. We’re really doing a paradigm shift and taking it to where it has never been before.”

Their most scary experience was when they investigated an old abandoned nursing home in San Antonio. “There were half-drunk cups of orange juice still lying around, beds that were unmade and medical files all over the place,” recalls Barry.  

“It was the local police department which requested us to check out the home because they were getting 911 emergency calls from that particular location and it didn’t even have any phone lines. 

“Each time the police went there to investigate, doors would slam and things would be thrown at them. The police got so fed up, they asked us to investigate.”

When the intrepid brothers got into the nursing home, light bulbs were tossed at them from the dark corners of the rooms. A police officer who accompanied the duo heard a woman screaming which the brothers managed to tape.

Should the dead remain dead and left undisturbed? “But they do not leave us alone,” argues Barry. “They come and haunt us. It appears that they want attention. If it’s attention that they want, that is what we’re giving them.”

They also believe that animals and children are more sensitive to paranormal activities. In fact, the brothers have a canine unit on their team. “We found paranormal activities exist on a different frequency, either a lower or higher frequency, that is slower than the human threshold of hearing,” says Brad. “Our recorder can pick up this frequency. Children and animals have better sense of hearing and they can pick up these frequencies. 

“And this is why when a dog stares at a corner, something is happening there. This is the reason some children are able to see people and hear voices that we cannot.” 

Brad also says that they have been touched, pushed, and even scratched by unseen forces while going about their investigations. “We want to experience these things so that we can document them (through our camera).”  

Ghost Lab airs every Thursday on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551) at 10pm.

Updated: 11:07AM Thu, 13 May 2010


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