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20 May 2010


Wacky Paranormal Skeptic Groups In Trouble?

Breaking News: Die-hard paranormal skeptic groups James Randi Educational Foundation, the Skeptics Society and CSI are banding together for the annual convention The Amazing Meeting.  In prior years, the event’s sole sponsor was JREF.

Here’s their press release. Daniel Loxton does an admirable job of putting the best face on things. But those of us skeptical of the health of the skeptical community can only wonder:

*Why has the venerable CSICOP changed its name to CSI?

*Is the combined TAM8 convention a “circling of the wagons” by a beleaguered skeptics community?

*Is the convention taking place in the little-known South Point Hotel & Casino in order to avoid another hugely successful Million Ghost March, such as that which haunted the skeptics in 2008?

*Do the groups expect to be taken seriously as when those expected to appear at TAM8 include a John Lennon impersonator, a “skeptical songster”, a juggler, Penn & Teller’s pianist and “comedian and magician Mac King?” 

Good answers elude me.

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Here are some additional quotes from Mark Edward to readers of the Skeptics blog:


I will do anything to get the Guerilla Skepticism word out. Since “The Skeptologists” is presently languishing in deep hibernation, I have to media hustle any way I can.


I wasn’t too thrilled with the fact that I was once again referred to as a mere “ex-employee” of 900 lines much like when Penn referred to me as a “reformed con artist” in the “Bullshit” episode I did. Hey guys, I’m not just some disgruntled new-ager! It would have been nice for ABC to mention that I have done (and will continue to do) far more for critical thinking than just the negative associations people will be left with through quick glossed-over segments like this one. I suppose that’s the cross I have to bear. I’m waiting for the day when news makers like ABC, Penn, Randi and others in the greater skeptic community cut me some slack and see what really happened in my past and that I’m here to stay. I may not have a Ph.D., but the school of hard knocks I attended left me with an important story to tell.

Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

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