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7 Jun 2010


The Three Legged Dog

By Tara Linn

After my humorous piece regarding the paranormal ran in the Naples Daily News last week I was taken to task by few friends and colleagues.

There are many who not only believe in the in the paranormal but have had some experience with it and I am enjoying each and every one of these stories.

One in particular I heard last night at a little party I attended.

The host was an old friend of mine that I had not seen in many, many years. Oddly enough, she found me on the pages of Naples Daily News. I received an email from her with the subject line, “Blast from the past” and we reconnected after all these years. I guess that alone has a hint of the magical.

I would like to share her story and please forgive me, Diana, if I get the details wrong but it was the subject matter that blew me away!

Diana’s mother had a little song that she would sing to amuse her kids and grandkids. It was about a three legged dog and she sang it to the tune of the Oscar Mayer Baloney theme song and it went something like this:

I wish I were a three-legged puppy,
That is what I’d like to be,
Cause if I were a three-legged puppy,
I wouldn’t have to lift my leg to pee.

As soon as I heard the song, my immediate thought was I wish I had known this lady!

My friend lost her Mother a few years ago but before she passed she promised Diana that if there was any way to send a message from the other side she would.

Diana tells me that as the funeral service for her Mother was coming to a close, the family gathered around her coffin and sang that sweet little “three legged dog” song. How wonderful is that?

As fate would have it, while one of her sons was driving home from the funeral, he encountered a dog on the median of the highway. Probably with some risk to his own safety he pulled over to check on this vulnerable animal. Obviously the dog had been hit by a car and he could see that the dog’s leg was hurt very badly so this selfless person loaded the wounded dog into his car and then went searching for a Veterinarian. (Not an easy thing to do on a Saturday.)

Finally finding one, he gave the Vet some money and asked that he do what he could for the dog and that he would return to retrieve him.

Diana’s family returned to recover the dog and from that day on they claimed the animal as their own.

The dog’s wounds were very serious and they tried everything to save the dog’s leg, (surgery, pins, therapy, etc.) but after some time and expense eventually the leg had to be amputated.

Hence, the “three legged dog” of this story.

I sympathized with the animal’s pain but at the same time, I was deeply touched with this story. If the story ended there it would be a bitter sweet mystical experience for the family. However, some months after the funeral, several family members were still encountering three legged dogs!

You have to ask yourself, how many three legged dogs could one person encounter in a life time?

Finally my friend tells me after she saw, once again, a man walking (you guessed it) a three legged dog she looked up to the heavens and said, “OK, Mom, we get it! You can stop now.” Or words to that effect and don’t you know, since that time, no other three legged dogs have been spotted by the family.

I love this story and thank you, Diana for sharing it. I know I have the details somewhat askew, but I hope I’ve conveyed the significance of this wonderful family story.

Naples Daily News has word constraints on the columns that run in the Community Section, so if I may, for my friend Diana, I would like to give you what they didn’t print in the newspaper. (Also found in my previous blog, “Paranormal State of Mind.”)

“….I understand there are those who truly believe in this phenomenon and I certainly would not be qualified, nor would I want to ridicule any belief that gives comfort… I need to make certain that everyone realizes that this little article is all in fun and it would be at this point that I should insert a disclaimer.

For those who do have these experiences, I want you to know that I don’t doubt your sincerity regarding these encounters for one moment. I understand the reassurance that can be received from these experiences and I definitely understand the reality in that….”

Peace is that elusive condition that we all crave and frantically seek throughout our lives. When, where and how good humans find comfort and true peace is valid, no matter the source.


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