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18 Oct 2010


1911 Building has no proof of being haunted

Although it is rumored the 1911 Building is haunted, there is no proof of the building being haunted

By Sagar Sane, Staff Writer


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The 1911 building, which was named in honor of the class of 1911, is 45,008 square feet and was opened in 1909 as the largest dormitory in the south.

Over the years, there are ghost stories that have circulated throughout the campus about the 1911 building and a supposed ghost. 

The 1911 Building is unique in the regard that it was originally built as a dorm that housed many students and was later converted to a building that has offices of many academic departments, including interdisciplinary studies, social work, and sociology and anthropology. 

Michael Coombes, assistant director of the new student orientation said that there have been unconfirmed myths about the building in past. 

"The myth is that the building is said to be haunted by a student who died as a result of a prank gone wrong.  The student, while sleeping, was bound and gagged and tied to the railroad tracks by a secret society that existed on campus," Coombes said.   

 These societies were student organizations that were banned by the administration at the time, according to Coombes. 

"The society knew the train schedule and tied the student to the side of the tracks the train would only pass by, so he would not be injured.  Legend has it that the student was so frightened that he died of a panic induced heart attack," Coombes said. 

According to Coombes, there is no evidence of a haunting in the 1911 Building. 

Coombes said, "This is just a myth, there is no evidence of a haunting or any strange occurrences." 

Thomas Stafford, vice chancellor of the student affairs said the name of the building is no coincidence. 

"The building was named after the class of 1911 which effectively banned the practice of hazing new freshman. In those days, hazing was a popular practice amongst the students," Stafford said. 

The class of 1911 included O. M. Sigman, the class president, who died in W.W.I as well as some other distinguished personalities. 

Ronald Wimberley, a professor in department of sociology and anthropology said, "I have been in this building since 1971. There have been no haunted stories I have ever heard." 

According to Wimberley, there are a couple of interesting facts about this building. 

When I became the department head in the early 1980s, the main doors of the south and north entrances were never locked," Wimberley said.  "Due to this, sometimes the security guard of the building used to see men sleeping in the verandah of the building in the morning, who were not related to any departments this building housed." 

"Today, on the outer concrete panes of the window panes, you can see letters carved in them. This might be in the days when the building was a dorm, before 1950s," Wimberley said. 

This building was first constructed in 1909 as a dormitory. Until the early 1940s, the 1911 building was the largest dormitory in the South.


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