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1 Nov 2010


Hotel offers look into the paranormal

Matt Clough  Aristea Brady

ESTES PARK - There are those "haunted houses" in Colorado that are filled with talented actors in dramatic make-up and some argue, there are other naturally haunted places with no need for the actors or the make-up.

Employees and guests at the legendary Stanley Hotel in Estes Park say their hotel is one of those such places.

Maybe it's the chill in the air, the bangs, the dings, the dongs: all of the noises that work to make the dark symphony of the Stanley Hotel. Noises that make guests of the 101 year old hotel a little hyper-vigilant.

Maybe it's the tales of old Lord Dunraven poking and prodding at guests in the closet of Room 401. Maybe its the fact that Stephen King says it in room 217 where he got his material for the shining.

Guests say it's the faces you can't see in the mirrors of the Stanley that they fear. But, is it possible to find evidence of a ghost?

9NEWS tagged along with Calea Sherrill, resident paranormal hunter of The Stanley. Sherrill took us to the basement of the hotel's Concert Hall, what she says is a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Sherrill says there are two ghost known for roaming the Concert Hall.

"Lucy was a woman who was found living in the basement here of the concert hall, and later on in the winter, she was found frozen to death in the town of Estes Park," she said.

Sherrill believes Lucy still roams the walls of one of the basement rooms.

We entered Lucy's room where Sherrill told us, "Lucy is a ghost, who likes ghost stories."

Not even before she could finish her first sentence, she paused, and said, "You heard that right? Who's in the hall?"

Sherrill then whispered, "I'm getting the chills." At that moment, the door appeared to completely close on its own.

9NEWS captured this on tape.

"I have tears in my eyes, I seriously have tears in my eyes," Sherrill said. "Anybody who's been on a ghost hunt with me for the past 7 or 8 months, has sat here and waited for that door to close, it has not moved for months."

When asked if there was anything manipulating the door to close, Sherrill responded, "There's nothing inside that door, it's a solid wood door."

Next, Sherill used electro magnetic field detectors to detect another ghost known to frequent the Concert Hall.

His name is Paul, and he's a deceased maintenance man of the hotel.

Sherrill says electro magnetic filed detectors are used to measure energy that is put off by humans, and possibly spirits.

As we walked up the stairs, we noticed the EMF detector go from a zero to a 6.8 measurement. Sherrill said, "Hello, Paul." As we took another step, we noticed a 2.4 rating, and with one more additional step the detector read 3.9. We then waited a couple minutes, and Sherill took the EMF detector back down the staircase where we caught on camera the EMF detector staying at 0.0.

If you still don't believe, employees at the Stanley say they welcome you to stay the night. They say, the only way to change your mind is to have an experience yourself.

The Stanley opens their ghost hunting sessions to guests several times a month. If you're interested in tagging along, you can visit their website at www.stanleyhotel.com or their facebook page at www.facebook.com/thestanleyhotel.


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