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5 Nov 2010


Is there paranormal activity on Herm Island?

Ghost hunters will be descending on Herm in two weeks time looking for evidence of spooky goings on.

A team of paranormal investigators want to find proof the island's haunted.

The Island has had a varied past, and many tales and folklore point to their being unexplained presences in a number of different locations across the Island.

Over the past few weeks the team have been trying to establish whether there is any evidence of paranormal activity on the island.

Lead by Timothy Arrowsmith, SPIRIT Guernsey Paranormal Investigation Team, have completed two nights of vigils in some of the Holiday Cottages, in St Tuguals church, on the common to the north end of the island, and briefly in the White House Hotel.

Tim has successfully completed a course with eminent paranormal psychologist Dr Ciaran OKeefe.

The team initially assess each area with a daytime walk, then the investigation is typically carried out overnight in unoccupied rooms during which time they take temperature measurements, EMF measurements and various checks for draughts and creaks.

The teams investigations have lead to some startling discoveries, not least the appearance of voice patterns detected by a ghost box which appeared to be telling the team to get out and to go. Analysis of film has also shown a number of light anomalies too.

Tim and his team are planning a weekend of investigations on the 19th and 20th November, which will centre around the White House Hotel, which, by then will be closed. Access is therefore available to a completely undisturbed couple of nights observations within the Hotel, where many stories have been told of the prescence of spirits, and of strange occurrences. By example, there is one particular corridor where many guests have commented on the voices of children playing happily, whilst there have been no children staying in the Hotel at that period. During August, a group of 3 children were walking down that corridor, and everything that they said was repeated in a mimicking set of voices seconds afterwards.

The investigation is open to anyone who'd like the opportunity of joining the weekend.

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