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29 Nov 2010


Ghost Trek TV Pilot Shooting this December 10th


Posted By : Deth_Banger, Sunday Nov,28


Ghost Trek TV Pilot Shooting this December 10thReading the title of the show I immediately thought it was something to do with Star Trek and ghosts, well I was well off, the show is actually a comic horror series which is based on a paranormal reality show.

Ghost Trek follows the paranormal team called "Paranormal Underworld Detective Society" (PUDS) as they investigate paranormal activities around the U.S. and abroad which takes place in between tanning beds, body-building and of course bong-hits. They risk their lives confronting the undead.

Ghost Trek is said to be a cross between Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The X-Files, Clerks and Jersey Shore, I'll let you guys decide what you think about that.

In the mean time check out the Press Release below:

"The GHOST TREK pilot begins shooting December 10, 2010 in Charlotte, NC and its environs at a number of locations across the region, including the BUTTER nightclub, the NASCAR Hall of Fame building, as well as other studio and residential locations.

GHOST TREK is lead by Dr. Zeke Wallace (Michael Melendez), an ex-chiropractor turned paranormal investigator living in New York with his girlfriend, Shawna Leibowitz (Gia Allemand) who is also the show’s producer.  The other PUDS investigators are: Joey Mayhem and The Bomb, two UFC wanna-be’s from New Jersey (Glenn Gilbertti and Scott Colton), the fashion-conscious psychic Guy Swisher (Brett Gentile), the team’s tech specialists and devoted stoners Robbie (Mikey “B” Bortone) and Ray-Ray (Johnny “Fairplay” Dalton), the “living dead-roller girl” case manager “Scary” Carrie Carmichael (Christy Johnson), Weasel the kleptomaniac cameraman (Kevin Johnson), and newbie Jules Partridge (Julia Bullock).

In the pilot entitled, “The Kinsey Report”, the team travels to Aspen, Colorado to investigate a supposed “cursed” house where a young pageant girl, Tyler Rae Kinsey (Addy Miller), was murdered. Meanwhile, Shawna is fuming over Zeke’s out–of-control spending, especially now that she suspects he’s cheating on her.  But she’s forced to sit still for Zeke’s lunar escapades as Harvey Goldman, the show’s executive producer (Lonn Friend), says, “He’s trending.”

Combining the camp of Kolchak: the Night Stalker, the dynamics of The X-Files, the comedy of Clerks, and idiocy of The Jersey Shore, there’s no question GHOST TREK will be a hit with the Family Guy and/or Ghost Hunters crowd.  Described by Jason Tracey, writer and producer of A&E’s Burn Notice as “promising and well-written,” GHOST TREK combines indie-horror with indie-comedy creating a crossover market appeal by incorporating reality stars and actors, plus masterful special effects make-up from two-time Emmy Award winner, Dean Jones (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)."

Ghost Trek TV Pilot “The Kinsey Report” is written & directed by Michael Plumides and stars, Gia Allemand (Maxim, The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad), Michael Melendez (Lot 66), Jonny “Fairplay” Dalton (Survivor), Addy Miller (The Walking Dead), Mikey “B” Bortone (Survivor), Kevin Johnson (Devil’s Crossing), Glenn Gilberti (WWE, TNA, WCW), Scott Colton (WWE, TNA, ROH), Christy Johnson (Mortuary), Brandy Brown (One Last Sunset), Brett Gentile (Cold Storage), Lonn Friend (Airheads, ETV, RIP Magazine), Cora Deitz (Sanguis Vitam Est – Model) and Julia Bullock (Lyra Shines Band).

I actually think this sounds quite promising, if done right, and well having a guilty pleasure which is pro wrestling :D seeing what Glenn Gilberti (Disco Inferno from WCW) and Scott Colton (Colt Cabana from ROH) get up to in this has my attention already.

Michael Plumides is planning on releasing Ghost Trek as a feature film, the project is currently in development and shooting is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2011.

For more information be sure to check out their official website (currently under construction) and their Facebook page.

What do you guys think?

Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

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