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2 Dec 2010


Psychic Spying? Source claims SECRET NSA paranormal research at Johns Hopkins University

Gary S. Bekkum
Multiple sources have revealed the existence of an alleged 'deep black' NSA psychic spy program. Are they spying on al Qaida?

The second report in a new series about rumors of US government psychic spying on the terrorist threat, and beyond.

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(STARpod.org)-- According to multiple sources on two continents, the US National Security Agency (NSA)is back in -- or, perhaps, never left -- the psychic spy business.

In the mid-1990s, the US Central Intelligence Agency revealed the existence of official paranormal activity -- conducted by the US government -- at the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the US Army, USAF, the Navy, and other organizations.

Declassified documents from the DIA's STAR GATE program include several references to meetings attended by representatives from the NSA, who were interested in paranormal intelligence collection and psychic powers.

Early NSA interest in the paranormal arms race can be found in a declassified CIA Office of Technical Services Memorandum for the Record from 1975. A few years later, the entire Department of Defense Community appears to have been dabbling in paranormal activities, including testing for mind-over-matter psychokinesis damage to electronic circuits and the use of psychic vision, or remote viewing, to collect intelligence on Soviet targets.

Some of the early US Army intelligence (INSCOM) activities involving paranormal intelligence were parodied in the movie adaptation of The Men Who Stare at Goats by British investigative humorist Jon Ronson. Examination of one 1981 INSCOM 'memorandum for the record' reveals that although the NSA had been sending unofficial 'observers' to the Department of Defense paranormal program called GRILL FLAME, the Director of the NSA requested an investigation by an NSA-sponsored committee into DoD psychic programs.

Briefings for the NSA representatives included members from CIA, DIA, SRI International, INSCOM (Army Intelligence), and Jake Stewart, of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Among those present from NSA were representatives for "Tech Applications & Advancement" and NSA's Scientific Advisory Committee at RAND Corporation.

According to INSCOM notes (which describe a personal briefing for LTG Lincoln Faurer, the Director of the NSA, given at NSA HQ on August 5, 1982) the Director stated that NSA's scientific panel had reviewed paranormal phenomena and were attempting to determine whether or not NSA would "cease all interest, pursue the subject within the agency, or join the DoD community."

If current STARstream Research sources are correct, NSA eventually decided to pursue paranormal and psychic intelligence collection deep inside a special compartmentalized or 'black program' within the agency.

According to one NSA source, mind-science research in support of the on-going NSA paranormal program is allegedly conducted at Johns Hopkins University. The alleged involvement of Johns Hopkins has not been confirmed by other sources at this time; however Johns Hopkins University was among the institutions recommended by Office of Naval Intelligence representative Captain Jake Stewart [1], in a SECRET EYES ONLY report presented to the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
Chris Robinson -- a British citizen known for predicting terror attacks -- also claims he had contact with US NSA representatives following a warning he sent to the CIA London Office just prior to 9/11.

Robinson's claimed foreknowledge of the 9/11 events was also confirmed to British television by Professor Gary E.R. Schwartz of the University of Arizona. Schwartz conducted informal tests of Robinson's psychic skills in August 2001.

Robinson's claim of having met with a high level NSA contact was later confirmed by another NSA-related source. According to Robinson, several of the US government representatives he met with following 9/11 were "extremely knowledgeable" about psychic remote viewing.

Based upon the historical record of US government paranormal activity prior to 1995, and the need for exceptional human intelligence collection following the terror events of 9/11, the existence of a compartmentalized NSA-based psychic spy effort cannot be dismissed out-of-hand. Information about previous paranormal programs leaked into the public sector in the 1970s and 1980s. The late Jack Anderson wrote about the DoD psychic spy program for the Washington Post, when it was still considered a national security concern.

STAR GATE documents from the DIA include official US government psychic spy tasking against targets that included terrorists, future terror events and threats, and drug smuggling operations.

An on-going paranormal program at the NSA would likely include tests of material psychokinetic effects; a search for a signal carrier for psychic information (one source claims the NSA considers psychic 'telepathy' to be a valid form of Signals Intelligence, or SIGINT); and operational tasking to collect information on targets of vital interest to the US national security. In addition, NSA would monitor foreign developments in paranormal intelligence and research and their potential impact against sensitive US locations, projects, and persons.

An on-going internal investigation of alternative science by STARstream Research -- under the nickname 'CYCLONE ADJUST' -- also revealed possible NSA involvement in domestic intelligence collection and the alleged attempted recruitment of an Internet-based journalist investigating exotic, alternative energy and propulsion systems at the STAIF aerospace technology conference in New Mexico, in 2006.

To be continued.

1] Note: James Stewart's rank was corrected from Commander to Captain, in the reference to the proposed DoD paranormal program memo.

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For more about American Intelligence and paranormal activity, see Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape -- Knowing the Future: The UFO Spy Games. To read about the book, click here.


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