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30 Dec 2010


Amazing Kreskin Predicts War on Terror Will End in 150 Years

Dec 28, 2010 – 7:24 AM
David Moye

David MoyeContributor

Famed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin has some good news and some bad news.

The good news? There will be an end to the current war on terror.

Now the bad news: Nobody currently living on this planet will be alive to see it.

The famed "mentalist" -- who disdains being called a "psychic" -- says the war on terror won't be over for at least 150 years and is basing his prediction on both intuition and history.

"Anyone who is surprised by how long the war will last hasn't studied history," Kreskin told AOL News. "The longest-running wars are religious-based."

Famed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin predicts the war won't end for 150 years.
Gene Collerd
Famed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin, who turns 76 on Jan. 12, doesn't claim to be clairvoyant and never intended to do predictions ("Until CNN browbeat me to do them," he said with a laugh). However, he's been successful enough that he has made predictions for most of the past two decades.

Although he eschews the psychic label, Kreskin does admit to using a combination of wisdom and intuition when making his predictions.

"The truth is, most of our problems in life are the ones we create ourselves," he said. "Consequently, you will find that the most successful people are the ones who used their intuition.

"However, my predictions are of a general nature. I'm known as a mind reader, but I refuse to look into an individual's future."

Anyone who wonders whether Kreskin's predictions should be taken seriously may want to look back to the earliest days of the 2008 presidential campaign when he predicted Barack Obama's rise and eventual victory.

"I was staking my reputation on this prediction," he said. "I was completely confident that I had picked the winner."

Besides the eventual end of the current war, Kreskin also predicts more problems with TSA agents ("They don't know what they're doing," he said) but says right now is actually the safest time to fly.

Although he predicts a possible rise in child bombers attempting to down planes, he says there will be a debate over how stringent the TSA procedures realistically need to be.

"As someone who has flown more than 3 million miles, I feel we're going to have to decide if we want to parallel ourselves with Israel, which has safe flights but requires passengers to show up at the airport four hours prior to a flight," Kreskin said.

Kreskin also predicts more problems for Lindsay Lohan because of the company she keeps.

"My heart goes out to her," he said. "Psychotherapy or two weeks at Betty Ford won't help unless she drops her friends -- who aren't real friends. They are predators who are eating like vampires off her."

Another celebrity who may have a tough road is Mel Gibson, who Kreskin believes became a victim of modern technology after the release of voice recordings of the actor making racist remarks about Latinos and African-Americans to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

"His problems wouldn't have happened 10 years ago," he said. "Not to excuse his behavior, but I do think that if you taped anyone when they're that angry, they'd also be seen as racist, even if they're not.

"I do predict a comeback in four to five years, because people are forgiving."

On the other hand, Kreskin sees the belief that college is essential to a successful career declining and predicts a rise of trade schools. In addition, he predicts it will soon be increasingly common for American students to spend two years in public service before committing to a college or a career.

Kreskin also predicts great success for Sarah Palin, but at the expense of her political ambition.

"Palin is one of the most glamorous people in politics in years," he said. "She will become a wealthy multimillionaire in the next few years, but her increased income will diminish her chances of being president."

Finally, Kreskin is going out on a limb about the current president.

"I do believe he'll be re-elected, but, if he's not, it will be because of one of two women mentioned earlier in this interview."

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