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8 Mar 2011


Has Ghost Hunters welcomed back Britt Griffith?

Published: Monday, March 07, 2011, 1:22 PM     Updated: Monday, March 07, 2011, 6:33 PM
Britt-Griffith-Ghost-Hunters.jpgFormer Ghost Hunter Britt Griffith -- or is he former?.

If you’re a fan of the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International you know that Britt Griffith has gotten around lately. A staple on Ghost Hunters where he was often paired up with another investigator that has suddenly disappeared from view, KJ McCormick (or is it McKinnon, yes, he's been gone THAT long), Britt was ‘the runner’ on the show. You know what I mean, he was the only one that upon hearing a noise would actually run towards it rather than just plopping down on the floor hoping to hear another creak, another groan, another knock. It was awesome.

Enter the time period of Ghost Hunters International unceremoniously getting rid of Brandy Green and Robb Demarest. Who knows who actually got rid of whom. I’ve actually heard it both ways, that they were fired and that they quit. Either way, their leaving opened the door for Kris Williams and Britt to get their passports in order and join the Ghost Hunters International team. Which they did. You still with me?

The addition of Kris and Britt to the GHI team made for some of the best episodes I’ve seen out of this show. There was vigor about the show now. Note that I did NOT say a ‘renewed vigor,’ that would imply that there had been vigor in the first place in order for it to be renewed. There was no vigor. But now, with Britt on board, there was indeed – vigor. Heck, Britt even made Joe Chin look like he had a little bit of life left in him! Not an easy feat!

Enter some paranormal radio show, I’d name it for you, but frankly I don’t really care, I’ve yet to hear anything on an internet paranormal radio show that wasn’t laced with falsehoods, profanity and general stupidity. Ok. So I haven’t listened to all that many but then seeing they are laced with lies, profanity and stupidity, why would I listen in? Anyway, apparently Britt did his part to cultivate the lies, profanity and general stupidity of paranormal radio shows and went and said something stupid, laced with profanity and that he said afterward was misunderstood (aka a lie)and the next thing we knew, his passport was canceled, Syfy ripped down his bio from the websites and he was carted back stateside never to bring the vigor to a team of Ghost Hunters ever again. Or was he?

Following the various team members on Twitter as I do, they are usually pretty quiet about their whereabouts while they are off investigating. I imagine it has to do with making sure that 6,000 fans don’t show up in some museum’s gift shop when they are trying to shoot their next episode. The past couple of days have been a bit different however. More than likely because of the remoteness of the location and the decidedly ‘cool’ factor of it, the team has been tweeting as they make their way across the US on their way to Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii. The lucky bast … oops, almost fell into radio speech there. Anyway, if Twitter is to be believed, who spent last night with his lanai door wide open on the 20th floor feeling the tropical breezes blow through his room? Why yes, that would be one Britt “I bring the vigor” Griffith. Awesome. Now before you go getting all excited like I am, he could be there for any number of reasons. He is the manager of the event management company that the Ghost Hunters team uses, so maybe they are planning an event out there while they are shooting for the show and Britt is along for those event purposes only. It seems an awful long way to go for an event, but it’s possible. I’ve got a message into Britt to try and get confirmation but just so you know, there is no event listed for Hawaii on the Beyond Event website (not that it’s been updated with the event coming up at the Mount Washington hotel that is coming up in April either!).

So I’m going to run with my best bet that Britt Griffith is indeed back on the Ghost Hunters TAPS team! While it’s not the International GH crew, it’s something, and I for one, will be very glad to have the vigor back on the show!


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