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20 May 2011


'Haunted' building spooks KTVB reporter



Posted on May 19, 2011 at 5:39 PM

VALE -- It seems like every stop along the KTVB Live Tour has had some story of the unexplained: haunted hotels, or sea monsters.

The same is true in Vale.

Local legend has it that there is paranormal activity in the Drexler Hall building and several other places around town.

But KTVB's Brian Holmes found out first hand that none are as active as the T.T. Nelson building.

In the middle of downtown Vale sits Diane Schnepp's third generation antique shop.

She sells a little bit of everything from every era of history but the curios are not as curious as the history of the building.

Built in 1910, it was known as the as the T.T. Nelson building and before the antiques, it housed a drug store, a few doctor's offices, a furniture store, and a funeral parlor.

An odd combination, but that is not the weird part. The knick-knacks in her store are not Diane's only artifacts.

What is left behind can be seen and heard on the second floor.

Diane says for years she has heard what sounds like someone else.

"I kept thinking I'd been hearing footsteps upstairs," Diane explained. "It must be the building next door. Well the building next door is empty."

And so has this part of the T.T. Nelson building. It has been locked since the late 90s, which is why what some have seen has them spooked.

"It's through this window in apartment nine that several people have said they've seen an old man just sitting here, playing cards," said Diane.

There has even been a sighting of a woman in this front window, the assumed mother of the two children that are known to run this hallway.

Diane says a paranormal group has done investigations here and has found evidence of activity.

"I don't know if they are trying to relive something that happened up there, so they can go on, or if they just want to stay because this is their home," said Diane.

The KTVB crew did not see anything upstairs, but downstairs is another story.

Diane took Brian Holmes down to the morgue. When photographer Mike di'Donato went into a corner, Brian heard something behind him.

"I just heard voices," said Brian. "I assume that's upstairs above us."

So when they went back upstairs where Cathy Johnson was watching the store, she said she had no idea what Brian was talking about.

But none of that metaphysical stuff seems to phase Diane.

Diane says she has another investigation session set up for the end of May, with the hopes that they will continue to find evidence of the supernatural.

If so, she says she may open up her building to the public so they can experience her friendly ghosts.

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