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25 May 2011


Colo. town famous for UFO sightings

HOOPER - This may come as a surprise to you, but Colorado's San Luis Valley is one of the most prolific spots for UFO sightings in the country. Paranormal investigators say it's a hot bed for UFO activity. If you visit the valley, you won't need an expert to tell you that. You can just ask the locals. "You should hear the stories they've got," said Judy Messoline. "Nobody pays much attention to it because it happens so much!"

About a decade ago, Messoline decided to build a center where people could go to discuss their sightings and experiences. "I started this in 2000, mainly because of all the stories from the locals," Messoline said. "Since we opened, we've had 57 sightings from just here. I've seen 26 of them".

Messoline figures more than 15,000 people have visited the watch tower in the past ten years. She says most of them are believers. "There has to be life somewhere else. If that life is coming down here to visit us, then dog gone it, they're a lot smarter than us! Let's welcome them!" Messoline said. Messoline has witnessed some pretty extraordinary objects floating around the sky. Some of them are cigar shaped, others look like saucers.

"I still can't tell anyone they're little green men, but you wait! They're going to land out here and I'm going to prove it," she joked.

Outside the watch tower is a UFO garden. "Since we've opened, over 25 psychics have been here and they've all said the same thing: There are two large vortexes here," Messoline said. Messoline allows her visitors to leave objects in the garden. "I've told folks to leave something in the garden to get some energy," she said.

There is no place in the world quite like it. In the galaxy, who knows?

Needless to say, the UFO Watch Tower has made a difference in Messoline's life. "It has changed my life, and it's for the good," she said.

 To learn more about the watch tower, follow this link: www.ufowatchtower.com (KUSA-TV © 2011 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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