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12 Jun 2011



Full Moon Paranormal Ghost Hunting

 Virginia City, Nev.--It's something that's been gaining popularity through movies and TV shows--the search for proof of the paranormal.

Here in Northern Nevada, a ghost hunting team, Full Moon Paranormal along with News 4's Cassandra Duvall searched for proof at The Chapin House nestled on the main street in Virginia City; and even the studio of News 4. 

The Chaplin House, you can't miss its blue color, and its sense of history. This almost 150 years old home was owned by dozens; used for many things; including a boarding house for most of the time. But during the fire of Virginia City in 1875, it was used as a triage center--and even a morgue.

The newest owner of the property, Ellen Miller has an interesting hunch about the house and hunted houses in general.

"Generally, if there's a house with spirits, you don't find the house
--the house finds you,” said Miller owner of the property for about a month.

She explains something kept drawing her inside.

"And I thought, okay, something's trying to get my attention," Miller said.

Specifically, a small toy. She said the toy kept moving from one spot of the house to another. Each time she’d visit, the small toy would be in a different place.

And now she and her husband are ready to find out exactly what was pulling at her to buy the home.

"Overall I'm a skeptic,” Miller explained. “Things have to be a little blatant for me."

So, to prove her point a team of investigators from Full Moon Paranormal came in to investigate.

Full Moon came in and set up their equipment. Cameras on every floor of the old home, and voice recorders, to capture anything we might miss.

We also set up objects in different rooms to see if they moved. We placed pennies with tape under them to document their starting location. And we placed toys in a small room in the basement that many people said they felt a strong presence in.

And then it was time to get to work. But before we started the investigation, we wanted to give the home a chance to release any extra energy we might have brought in. So we went outside, but before we officially started investigating--that’s when things started happening.

While we were outside
knocking could be heard inside.

Two team members asked if there was anyone in the room to knock. No response.

Then, when they asked if there was anyone in the room with them.

Something rattled a door for about 10 seconds
, according the recordings.

After which, they went to another level of the home and asked if there was anyone with them, to knock again. A second door shook, this time with a little more force.

In order to avoid any immediate dangers, during our investigation, we each split up with a group leader, tackling each level of the house.

And so the investigation of the house continued for more than 7 hours. We thought that was the most activity at the Chapin House that night. 

Yet, when the team sat down to review the tapes, a little more than what meets the eye occurred.

Full Moon Paranormal say they found an “orb” in some pictures. An “orb” is what some ghost hunters say is a spirit that's captured in a picture.

Something seemed to move the camera all on it's own in the dining room, when no one was in the room, according to investigators.

Similar things occurred when Full Moon Paranormal set up cameras on News 4's second floor offices, our sports office and our set.

On camera they caught an “orb,” or what some investigators say is a spirit that's captured on camera. The "orb" can even be seen on camera floating near our Sports Director, Bryan Samudio, as he walks down the hallway on the second floor.

Then, in our sports office a faint voice saying, "got to go."

And in our studio, some of our anchors say they've heard what sounds like wind or whispers. Investigators say it was more like someone yelling, or turning up the volume on our recorder.

Still much more can be discovered from our investigation here at News 4 to put the news team at ease.
But, we'll leave paranormal investigations to investigators like Full Moon Paranormal.

To learn more about them, or to do an investigation of your own, visit their Web site, www.fullmoonparanormal.net.

After the investigation of the chaplin house owned by the Miller's, Mrs. Miller said she's not worried anymore now.

“If I felt uncomfortable, I wouldn't have bought [the house]," she said.


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