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4 Dec 2011


Psychic Kids


Psychic Kids

The Psychic Kids TV Show

I was invited a few months back to be a guest on a show that’s on A&E called Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. I had never seen the program so I checked out a couple of re-runs. Typically they’d have two or three children with identifiable psychic gifts go through various situations using their intuitive and mediumistic gifts, such as visiting a house where there were suspected ghosts or spirits, or helping find missing persons.

I watched a couple of episodes and found they were produced to maximize their shock effect and entertainment value, with odd angles and very quick cuts along with the music that lent an eerie quality to much of program. Typically they would take the children to a house that was supposed to be haunted and see what they came up with, usually with results that confirmed that the kids truly were psychic.

The production was a little too over the top for my tastes, but it apparently worked as they were now on their third season; plus the program gave considerable validity to the fact that some children have these remarkable God-given gifts. And I’m sure it helped these children and others who saw things other people didn’t see know that they weren’t messed up or crazy. The guidance provided by the two hosts, an experienced psychic/medium and a spiritual psychotherapist helped them further accept their gifts.

I was asked to come on as a guest to work with the kids about spirit animals. One of them, Anissa, reportedly had a spirit animal, a wolf she naturally called “Wolfie”, that sat at the end of her bed at night. She was somewhat frightened of him although he never did anything to harm her. She just didn’t know what to make of it. The other child, Nick, was frightened about various apparitions that appeared to him, apparently spirits of deceased people.

That afternoon a driver picked me up from the hotel and transported me to the “haunted” house where everyone had gathered to investigate strange noises and happenings. I met Nick and Anissa, as well as Anissa’s mother and Nick’s father. I was feeling nervous but confident that I could be of service to these children, particular Anissa, who already had a spirit animal, Wolfie, that unbeknownst to her was actually serving as a guardian spirit.

My assignment while here was to talk with Nick and Anissa and offer them some guidance about spirit animals. I brought with me soapstone carvings of a wolf for Anissa and a raven, for Nick, that they could use as their totem animals to help them feel protected. In addition I gave them copies of my Power Animal Oracle Cards and Animal Spirit Guides.

I met separately with each child and talked with them about spirit animals and animal spirit guides. Anissa was particularly keen on learning that Wolfie was actually her main spirit animal, a strong guardian and protector. Nick was receptive but seemed distractible, most likely because of the intensity of the filming schedule and the work that they had been doing (I’m sure it can be exhausting dealing with spirits of the deceased all day long!) They both loved the totems of their spirit animals as well as the books and oracle cards.

Alas, due to the constraints of the filming, I was later informed that the segment they filmed with me and the kids would not be part of the show. If you want to view a sample of this particular show, go to www.aetv.com/psychic-kids/episodes and look for season three, episode 17. In spite of not appearing on the show, I was very gratified that I could have some impact on each of these children, as evidenced by an email I received from Anissa’s mother, Kim, several weeks later. She wrote:

Even though the time Anissa spent with you was short it made a huge impact on her (and me). Anissa continues to grow and learn about herself she is really getting into knowing other’s spirit animals and she calls upon them when she needs. Anissa continues to use her oracle cards you gave her and she even started to share readings with her trusted friends.

I wish so much they would have showed the work you did with the kids on their episode. I was surprised it didn’t make the show, but what I do know is that what you did for her is a huge part of why she is doing so well and seems to have overcome most of her fears.

Supporting Your Children’s Intuition

This experience gave me some ideas about how to encourage children’s intuitive gifts. All children have intuitive capacities, some stronger than others, yet without support and encouragement, these will either diminish over time or else be tucked away for safekeeping out of fear of being labeled crazy or weird. And frankly, not all children are destined to be gifted intuitives or mediums, yet encouraging these in any child will help them cope with their world more effectively.

I have two stepdaughters, Serena, 8, and Ari, 6, who have a very gifted intuitive mother, Jesseca. We both encourage their listening to that inner voice and recently came up with what we’ve dubbed “the psychic game”. I hide a small stuffed animal somewhere that is visible but not easily seen. When they’re called to come out and find it, we coach them on moving slowly, listening closely to their bodies, and letting their bodies take them to the hidden object. It’s a fun way to encourage the ongoing development of these capacities.

I’d suggest use the following guidelines to support their intuition, especially tuning into their physical sensations, paying attention to their “in-sight”, and listening closely to that still, small voice inside. You can show them how to meditate, starting with just one or two minutes, and definitely support their imagination through any artistic or creative expression.

Our world needs more and more of us to heed the voice of Spirit as it expresses through our intuitive capacities. What better way than to teach your children?

Dr. Steven Farmer

Dr. Steven Farmer is a world-renowned author, teacher, shamanic practitioner, Soul Healer and former psychotherapist. He has published several best-selling books and other products, including Earth Magic®, Earth Magic® Oracle Cards. Dr. Farmer is also the host of his own radio show, Earth Magic Radio on www.contacttalkradio.com every Thursday from 4-5pm PST. For more information, visit EarthMagic.net and Dr. Steven Farmer's Facebook page.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/psychic-kids.html#ixzz1faQ3W57O

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