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15 Feb 2012



Is Northern Michigan Haunted?
Posted: 02.14.2012 at 10:54 AM Updated: 02.14.2012 at 5:50 PM

Psychic-Medium, Tammy Schuster takes us inside the Old Mission Inn.

Are lingering spirits staying at the Old Mission Inn?

OLD MISSION PENINSULA -- Are lingering spirits staying at the Old Mission Inn? Many guests and the owners of the inn say they have no doubt they've felt a presence.

Only four families have owned the Old Mission Inn in its 143 year history. The first owners had it 33 years, the second owners for 43 years, and the third for 53 years. The current owners, Bruce and Angie Jensen, have owned the inn for 14 years this May.

The Old Mission Inn is northern Michigan's oldest continually operating hotel, and many of its guests say there is part of the past lingering. Angie Jensen says the experiences however, have all been of a positive nature.

"I like to term what we have as positive energies," explained Angie Jensen. "We don't like the word ghosts because ghost is a scary word."

One family even sent the Jensens a letter describing what happened when they developed some film of their stay. The family is convinced the picture shows a woman in period dress. The picture they sent is below:

old mission inn ghost pic

It's not only the guests who have ghost stories to tell.

"One night my son was heading to bed and he was going through our main dining room. We have a long hallway that has maps with pins where everyone has been from. My son saw in the reflection of the window of a gentleman looking at the maps, when he pulled the door shut behind him he turned to look at who it was and right in his face was this ghostly image. The gentlemen was dressed in like the 1800's clothing but he was very translucent and just kind of passed thru him which took his breath away," said Jensen.

To try and get the answers of who or what is haunting this hotel, we brought in local psychic-medium Tammy Schuster. She sensed two spirits staying at the inn, for different reasons.

"The woman is from the original owner, an older era. The woman would have died before her family and she's looking for people. She would have been one of the wives because she feels she's entitled to be here. She's looking for her family because she left before them," explained Schuster.

Angie Jensen agreed that Schuster's reading of the property made sense. "The first owners, the Heddens, Mrs. Hedden had passed away before Mr. Hedden and his connection here was really strong, but after his wife passed he was kind of broken hearted. He was just really saddened by his wife's death and he ended up selling it to the next owners."

Schuster believes the male presence, is the second owner of the inn, Alfred Porter. She believes he is there because his dream is being realized through the Jensen's hard work.

"You are bringing it back to the original feeling, that's why he's around it because it's becoming what they envisioned what it's supposed to be. You're getting this house full of love like he had it," explained Schuster.


Several years after the Jensens took over the inn, Alfred Porters 82-year-old granddaughter paid a visit. She was full of stories of when she worked there at the age of ten and helped give key information to turn the hotel into a replica of what it was.

"Once she showed up and went through the building and shared her stories about growing up here, is when a lot of awakening happened here. It was like a lot of things started coming to us, a lot of weird, wild and wonderful things that has happened since her visit," described Jensen.

You can learn more about Tammy Schuster by watching the video below. You can contact her by visiting her facebook page.


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